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Posted:heya! in new here, names pheonix so hi everyone!just wanted to know..... Kevlar, is it th eonly thing that can be used as a wick? i have got ball chains and come nylon banding, like the stuff on ruck sack straps, will that work? or do i need kevlar?if i do where do i get it from in the uk?

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Posted:kevlar is not the only thing that can be used as a wick but it is easily the best. you can use tightly bound towel as a wick but in only last for 3-5 spins. you can get wicks from kite and juggling shops if theres none of them around you then order of the HOP shop. and before you make it read this http://www.homeofpoi.com/articles/tubeorcathedral.htm


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Posted:nylon wicks? Ouch!

You can order in the uk from beard juggling (do an search on google). I've ordered from them before and it came within a couple of days. Other than that this site sells it, postage is cheap and to the UK shipping normally takes about a week


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Posted:Use Towels!
Cut 6-7 (wide) inch strips about 2-3 feet long.
Use 16 ga. wire.
Cut 4 (or so) feet of wire, make a 4-5 inch hook @ the end of one end of the wire.
Roll the towle with the wire hook in the center, so you have a loop on one end of the rolled towel, and a long straight wire on the other end.
Bend the long wire down one side of the roll (make shure to keep some access wire when you bend for the first time, so now you have two loops on eather end)
You are going to slide the wires end through the (hook)loop, then back up the other side of the roll.
Twist 1 and a 1/4 times around the slaced loop/ first bend loop.
Then down the 3rd side, through the (hook) Loop again, and up the 4th.
Twist off at the slacked Loop, and cut access wire.
One Poi made!
I wish I could do a cool demo like the one above for Kevlar.

Good Luck,

~Fire Spirit


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Posted:Always use natural fibres for wicks, and if not using kevlar blow the flames out, don't let them burn out (as at the end of a burn it starts burning the wick, not the fuel). We've experimented with calico and other heavy cotton fabrics. You need to use quite alot of it, and wrap it reasonably tightly. The natural fibres soak up more fuel that polymer fibres. And as much as you may read about the fact that natural fibres catch on fire and actually flame faster than polymers and man-made fibres (ie nylons) keep in mind the non-natural fibres *melt* and will actually cause more severe burns (second and third degree on skin) alot faster than natural fibres, and when the fabrics melt they can melt ONTO your skin and are damn hard to get off, there have been a few cases where people have had the have skin grafts to remove plastics that have melted to their skin and caused third degree burns. Natural fibres will not melt, and will not stick to the skin, are easier to remove when burning. Keep it in mind at all time when you're playing.
And if kevlar is a problem to get, keep in mind that fire blankets are usually a kevlar/fibreglass mix, and that works as a wick also, once again make in a similar fashion to the towelling wicks.