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well guys...i have done it this time...i almost ripped my tricep and deltoids into about a million peices...and cracked my humorus bone in my upper arm. and i am booked to perform in 2 weeks...enter you guys to save my butt hopefully...i am lookin for poi staff meteor and any tool ya can think of throwin at let me know the tool and the moves you know that i can do one handed plz...i would love ya forever
(funny thing took me 30 min to type this...sux right
its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......

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my goodness. That is terrible news.

May we ask how on earth you managed to damage yourself so badly?

Re: your performance.. I honestly think that the right thing to do for both yourself, your audience and the person who hired you would be to cancel. Would you really want to do a substandard show because half your body is in a bad way? Would it not be best for your poor body to rest and heal?

Give the promoter enough time to find an alternative performer, or even offer them the contact details of someone you know of who you can trust to do a good show in your absence. HoP Posting Guidelines
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