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Posted:Dear firetwirlers!

We are a growing group of fire dancers in the Innsbruck area of Austria (currently 25 active performers and growing) and we are doing more and more fire performances.

It is very important for me that all the performers do have insurance. Thus I was extremely disappointed to find that NO Austrian insurers would provide us with public liability cover for our performances (there have been isolated incidences in Vienna and Graz), so if they hear “fire”, they already lose all interest! Our troupe adhere to the very highest of safety standards, but this does not change their disinterest in providing us with insurance protection.

I am looking for the follwing information:
1) Insurers outside Austria that provide insurance for fire twirlers;
2) for a contact person in such an insurance company; and
3) last but not least, it would really help if I could obtain a copy of such a policy/contract, that I could show here in Austria.

Maybe these 3 points could stop them from re-inventing the wheel…. ;-)

Thank U in advance, and if I can help you, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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Posted:Hello I only have a telephone number for the UK

+44 1952641321 but I'm not sure if they would be able to help you in Austria tho - but they might have affiliate insurance companies they can direct you to..

Good luck!

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