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Posted:am looking for tips, help and friendly encouragement.

heaven doesn't want me and hell can't handle me................

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Posted:Aryelle...lots of encouragement from the South Pacific quarter...

I'm fairly good on a uni, but know that practical instruction (preferably by someone standing next to you) is much better than text-based help on the web.

How long have you been learning/riding?

As for stilting, I'm supposed to be learning that myself, got a pair of stilts that apparently saw work in the penultimate commonwealth games opening ceremony. Traded it on loan for one of my spare unicycles...

I'll be pleased to help out with unicycling in exchange for encouragement and reminders to get up on those stilts again...

Feel free to email me and/or keep the thread going...

click here if you have time for some big pictures of me and some unicycling buddies...

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Posted:stilts - easy as. u should be able to do it withing a couple of hours of first getting on them. start wit 18 inch ones. u'll be surprised how easy.

wear kneepads - big thick ones, and wrist guards! mite want to practice falling over. when falling over, u'll have loads of time to think and act. what u want to do is lean back from the knees as ur falling forward, so ur feet and knees hit the ground first, and then ur body goes forward, with a kind of see-saw action, with the feet being the fulcrum - if any of that makes sense.

dont let them scare u - they're realy easy. good luck!

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