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Posted:I feel like im dont know what else to learn tho im dunno what word to use
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I learn watching videos since on my country is just starting and ppl here just do what? the weave?windmill? butterfly ? and that is...i really cant learn nothing from them(of course there should be someone here or more ppl that i dont know that are better than me but i havent met them if you can undesrtand me tho)... :/the only 2 guys that does more than that i know is Yashiro and ummm other guy i heard of him but i havent met....Now i have been trying to find videos with new move and new stuff to do but i havent seen videos to donwnload bleh! PPL should make videos! you mist!:P and you Bassman!(well if ya got camara should do!
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) or any good poier!As far i read ya 2 are really good alsoThe last move i have tried maybe is the BTB lower fountain heh but that is i dunno what else to do after i get it well... Before i always had like many other move to learn thoI pretty much like to learn new moves everytime thoI really like this tho but i always think i dotn know enough and i needt o learn more and more dunno why.... alwasy is not enoughI got lot of videos of this but now i cant find new ones! also if anyone could help me to find more???? IF i try on KazzA i just find the stupid video of the guy that is glowsticking on the nightclub! i got like 3 times the same video with diferent names thinking that is a new video!!! ahhh!!! funny isnt it?
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Now i sign up in a Glowstick dancers contest... now i hope i meet ppl better than me!!!! Maybe any advice would help? :PBTW sorry about my sucky english wasnt my intention hurt yer eyes with it lol
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Dance like if noone were watching you

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Posted:Can you say "All your base, are belong to us"?
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- sorry just kidding, your English is much better than my Spanish!I'm still a beginner, but might have some ideas. How about working with various wraps, or working between the legs etc.The other alternative - take up fire!!
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