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Forums > Technical Discussion > conecting move for the corkscrew

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Posted:basically as it says in the title, can'y seem to do anything except hitting myself in the face! it would be nice to have some teeth left

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Posted:You can bend into a corkscrew from a windmill (the two moves are basically the same)

You can twist into a corkscrew from the weave.

One of my favorite transitions is to start off doing what someone calls a "teacup move" (I don't know why), where your arms are straight out at your sides and you are doing flat circles above and below in opposite directions. I do a waist-wrap with one hand and duck into a corkscrew. Always get compliments on that one.

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Location: plymouth/cardiff
Member Since: 30th Jul 2002
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Posted:Cheers for the advice it was really helpfull, i'm still a little confused about the 'teacup' i think i have got arm dyslexia, so your arms are horizontal, right? can't see any physical possibility of doing it if they are vertical,

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Posted:yes, both are horizontal, but spinning at the sides, rather than in front, as you do in a normal corkscrew.
a very original transition, Adam!!

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Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:Another is to have your arms outstreached (horizontal) and spin in a circle the poi spinning in an even bigger circle - speed up a little with the music (normally bouncing around ) and then when you are about to get too dizzy bring the poi into the corkscrew and try not to fall over (I normally end up going into the windmill fairly quickly as there is less ablance involved

The corkscrew - windmill transition is nice and easy and I find I drop straight into windmill just by standing upright from a corkscrew.

Also from windmill I find that if you lean right back you can fairly easily transfer into a corkscrew that is going behind your back and above your chest. I know I am doing this one correctly when they are spinning in horizontal planes and I get black marks on my arse from the wicks - sometimes it can be a little hard to balance while doing this (altered states etc) so you could drop to one knee beforehand to make it easier.

Mark P

Location: plymouth/cardiff
Member Since: 30th Jul 2002
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Posted:cheers my dear, that sounds really cool, i give it a go tonight!! emxx

if you do not suceed try try again

Location: conroe, texas, USA
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Posted:I usually go from a corkscrew to the chasing the sun and vice versa. Works well for me


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Posted:from a reverse weave 3bt . when your about to take the right hand back to the left , sweep it horizontaly over to the left and turn 90 deg to the left and bring your right arm up and heyhey your in the corkscrew,

have fun with this one its really smooth after some practice,


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Posted:Are there any tutorial videos for BTB corkscrew....not sure if its called that but its when you move the corkscrew from the front(eg: in a clockwise direction) of your body then slowly all around then ending up in front again.....I kind of started learning it last night but a vid would help a lot.


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Matrix move is the one you're after, warren79. ^_^



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Posted:GOod lord its so good to see Nick again. Thanks for the link, MNS! I am going to go poiticipate and donate something to that lovely man immediately

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Posted:Try going from reverse weave, as you have both poi on one side bring your arms up a bit and do a half turn at the smae time like you would go into a foward weave but mess up the plances and flick it into a corkscrew. When you play with it enough it becomes a quick easy way to change planes, also works well with 5-beat but its a bit tricky-er-ish.

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