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faery em
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Posted:i'm taking a plane tomorrow and am taking my brand new (and 1st) staff *feeling chuffed*

whats the best way to protect it while travelling?

...bearing in mind i dont have much choice as its tomorrow morning!

so far i have a pair of thick socks

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Posted:don't know how much help it will be, as your flight's leaving in the morning.. but you can get some tips in this thread:

Flying with fire toys...

or you can read sob storys relating to adventures like this here:

Traveling with toys ....

good luck on your journey




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Posted:Hope this gets to you in time.

If you can find a really heavy cardboard tube that is long enough, that would be a good option.

A more expensive, but more durable option would be to get a fishing-rod case. You can find relatively cheap ones made of plastic that telescope to be very long.

If you're feeling handy, you can cobble something together out of PVC pipe and pipe-ends (used for plumbing).

hope this helps.

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