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Posted:are the best? I've got home made ones. Are they oke for learning?

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Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:Aisha - Any type of Poi are good for learning, I would recomend a nice soft set (something like tennis balls or bean bags) to begin with cos you will probably find that you hit yourself a fair ammount at first.

When you get the bug for twirling you'll find that you'll spin absolutely anything! (I should have a couple of piccies of some that we made at Glastonbury, which were a couple of lemons on string soon )

As for a first fire set I would recomend trying out a few sets and see what you like best - either chains or wires, cathedral wicks or tubular type designs. Then either find somewhere to buythem from or get some kevlar and make your own if you are feeling brave

Have fun experimenting!!



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Posted:like Mark said any thing soft is good for learnig. Make them a nice length and play with different weights in or on the end of your poi.

The differences between the chains is a personal chose try spinning all different types because they DO feel different to spinn.


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Posted:Fat-Poi are the best imo.

actually Spikes right they all vary, just make some use them for a while and you should grow to love them like the child you always/never wanted

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