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Location: South Africa

I Keep hearing about these 2 people moves, but can't find info on any of them! Please post any that u know with instructions on how 2 do them! I appreciate anybody's help.

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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Firefairy - If you could narrow down the request a little I"m sure people will be glad to help.

Poi or staff? Toy moves or body moves?

Ground-work, aerial or simple choreography?

ALthough I must admit, if you have a good friend or partner, they best thing to do is just try some stuff (unlit of course) and see what happens.

Multi-person spinning is usually even more individual than individual spinning...

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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to make a horrid pun,
kids screwing around with partner tricks produces accidents,
but accidents with partners produces kids.
or something.
i'll go now....

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Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin Kingmember
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First of all

USE SOFT POI!!!!!!!!!

Trust your partner and start simple over head butterfly side be side looks good.

Or advance and retreat like s in a fight with the poi.

A good staff move I use is:

Run to your partner who is doing the same thing leap and grab wrists the momentum you have will spin the both of you 180 degrees one of you spins the staff above the other below, your bodies wil be roughly horizontal.

Use your imgination try not to get hurt and have fun.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
still can't believe it's not butter
6,978 posts
Location: Melbourne, Australia

hey phuzz, if u are tristan, are you goin to firetwirling lessson wif us tonight???

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Location: South Africa

Hey, Poi and Staff are cool, but mainly Poi. I'm losing interest a bit cause I seem to know all the moves, so when I heard about 2 people moves, A huge spread across my face.

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Mark PBRONZE Member
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Staff - we were playing (unlit) the other day, I cant do too much with the staff at the moment so I get bored very easily but I found that it was really easy to do a normal set and then come into a simple circle in front of me and then throw the staff so that it moves sideways at the same time as spinning where a nearby staffer (warn them first!!) can then catch and continue the set

Poi - I am yet to try this yet but I am told it is possible, called something like 'hug of death' stand face to face (got to be good friends!!) I am unsure as to arm positioning but I think this is something you have to work out depending on height differences etc, then it is possible to do a double weave or possibly some butterfly/TTN.
With the weave you both start at the same time and it should mean that the poi are on opposite sides.

it is probably a little easier to start with some back to back stuff and practice keeping the poi in time with your partner. Other stuff that looks good is synchronising your set with another spinner stood near you, again this is just getting in practice and knowing here moves are going to be changed (certain beats of music etc). I have also seen some pictures of 2/3/4 people stood in a line each doing different moves and I thought that looked quite funky

Good luck and try and get some video if you do any of this

MArk P

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I've seen several different partner moves.

1. Hug of death: One partner kneels, the other stands and approaches. Both reach around the other and do butterflies behind each others' backs. I've done this--it's pretty easy.

2. Both stand and do butterflies alternating back and forth behind the partner's back and then behind own back.

3. Partners stand facing each other with arms outstretched and do weaves to the sides, where each partner's hand contributes half of each weave.

4. Partners stand back to back doing the alternating butterfly combo (see the lessons on this site), reaching across each other on the back parts of the move. Really amazing.

5. Partners stand front to back and do side butterflies, where each partner's hand contributes half of each butterfly. I've kinda-sorta done this.

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pozeeBRONZE Member
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if you get the COL 3 video i did 2 little duo things on there. one is, and this took a while to get down perfect, to be facing each other and spin forward side circles and then walk right into each other so now you are doing a butterfly on both sides, i think adam just explained this one. bu if you watch your good hand and you partners bad hand, you can d simoultaneous thread the needles on both sides. watch your partners bad hand because your good hand is on that side and you can compensate for any mistakes they may make. ( i am righ handed)

also try anything that you can do by yourself , but you take one poi and give your partner the other one.

try wraping off of each others body parts.

hope that gives you some ideas...

oh yeah i almost forgot, try and do some body balancign while spinning poi or staff, whichever...

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anyone got a light?

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I tried this last night! It was oh so fun...

We found that it was cool if one of us kneeled and the other person got behind and squatted (looks kinky at first) then we did a three beat weave with one hand and found out it would be possible to do it with both hands giving the audience 2 three beat weaves... Must look lurvly!

Much love, drome


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