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Posted:I am using kerosene and a little white gas but the flame seems to be very dull is there something that will make the flame brighter?
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Posted:try some type of lamp oil. i think it's pretty bright.. maybe mix in some white gas so it'll light easier?

i'm looking for blinding tho. maybe something radioactive?


Whiffle Squeek
Whiffle Squeek

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Posted:colemans lamp oil has a very deep orange color, not that bright i guess, but i really like the color

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Posted:basically most use a mix of lamp oil and white gas. play with the mixtures and see what you like. lamp oil is safer, so use as much as you can of it. white gas burns brighter, hotter, and cleaner but is explosive and that's BAAAD. white gas can be used staight, if your crazy like a fox, and that's about as bright as it gets. it is also sticky so watch the wraps and wear thick clothes! and learn how to avoid explosions first, too!

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Posted:i use a 50/50 mixture of citronella lamp oil and kerosine.... so far it has worked really well.... it burns fairly bright and you get a smoky citronellary kind of smell which is alot better than kerosine.....if you want to go really bright than i have no idea but be careful whatever you chosse.......



Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:If you want really really bright why not try a roll of magnesium ribbon You remember in school when you set fire to little bits of it?(disclaimer - dont really try this as it burns reallllllly hot and I dont want to be responsible for any injuries!)

Mark P