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Location: wabash/Indianapolis
Member Since: 5th Feb 2002
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Posted:I just bought some fire POI and was wondering (if i use colman fuel) how long will the fire last on the POI, before the wicks start to become injured. Basically asking, how long can i perform before i have 2 light them again. L8r all.

Location: nevernever land
Member Since: 9th Apr 2002
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Posted:buy some use and use it ??? mosr poi are different and burn for different times (I think) so just experiment, as for nowing when to stop......the fire will go out


ask yourself this??.......... When was the last time you dug a hole you could be proud of???
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Location: England
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Posted:If the kevlar starts to burn, the smell coming from your poi will change too.

Location: london
Member Since: 24th Dec 2001
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Posted:as soon as the flames start to flicker, you know that the fuel's running out, and its the wick thats beginning to burn...

the more wick you burn, the less poi you have left. oh no

and on

it's not that i mean to set things on fire...

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