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Posted:Hit my head so hard trying to do the Alternate butterfly yesterday, I almost knocked myself out .

The poi keep hitting my ass and sometimes my head when I twirl them over my shoulder. What am I doing wrong??

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Posted:*ouch*..the only advice i can offer is keep practicing, it took me a couple days to get the alternate bf, it just takes alot of practice to be able to do just do it by musclke memory. you will get it!!

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Posted:*sigh* I do hope so...This pain isn't quite motivating.

But one day it will happen, o, yes, One day it will happen!

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Posted:work on your chasing teh sun until you know it in your sleep. it's teh same wrist motions, just the poi are going in opposit directions and at opposite times... it'll really really help!

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Posted:Hey there
I found it easier the further you hand flops over your shoulder and try and keep it level . imagine your in a corridor facing the wall with the other wall behind you , try getting the poi to swing parraleel with the walls,

Oh yeah and keep you hand palm up when going over the shoulder .

Hope that helps
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