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Posted:Do you have to stick with the fuel you first use on your poi or could you use(pure)kerosene one night and a different fuel another? Is that safe/ok? i hope this is clear enough. thanks

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Posted:Nah, don't worry. I mix fuels alot. Sometimes even in the same day.

Some people use part kerocine and part lamp oil in the same dip.



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Posted:This is a very good question! I debated over this for a while, experimenting, and learning as I went along.

Different fuels have different flashpionts. Oily fules, such as kerosine, and lamp oil take longer to light than the white gasses.

Many people try to find a comfortable flash point by mixing fuels; manny times in the fuel-container. I have not witnessed any disasters doing this, nor have I heard of any.

As always, practice caution whilst communing with fire. AND don't forget to have fun!

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Posted:i always just use parifin, but i have hurd by mixing it with chemicals you can get like purple flames i was wandering if anyone had tryed this!

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Posted:erm, you should really search


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Posted:Yes, I'd recommend doing a search but because I'm a nice infant I've done one or several for you try

The best one
this one
or even
this one

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