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Posted:I am really embarrased and feeling yucky and bad.

I made an error in who won the staff section.

John actually came 2nd in the poi section
and for some fault of mine I wrote Johns name next to Daniels staff video
entry which was actually the one we (the Judges)all picked.

I only just reallised this late last night as I was completing the time codes ready for
making the COL3 video.

I am still going to give John US$500 worth of stuff from the HOP shop

And now I am also giving Daniel (actual staff winner) US$500 worth of gear from the HOP shop.

I have written appologies to John and Daniel for the mistake.

I have also closed the HOP shop for a while so I can concentrate better on getting the videos out promptly for all.

May your balls always burn

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Posted:to err is human to forgive...

anyone got a light?


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Blame in on the Cat, she brought the results in

Oh and massive well done to daniel too.

Ah well, think of it this way. You got to be wrong more than 50% of the time, because if you could guarentee to be right even 51% of the time, youd be a blackjack billionaire by now.

its cool


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Posted:Many congratulations to all who participated in the video...I am certain you are all wonderful!

Yet again Malcolm you prove what an incedible man you are. Spending countless hours on this video, compromising your personal health for it, it is an understandable mistake that I am certain all will forgive, especially Daniel and John.
Take your time and rest, and remember Malcolm three things...
This video need not be out tomorrow, I am sure everyone on here can learn patience for it.
You are still the biggest man in the world of spinning because of this home you have provided for us.
There are so many of us who love you dearly and care more about you than this video, so please, look after yourself.

My love and support to you as always....I am sure Charles and I can hold down the fort here

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Posted:wow, malcolm, what can i say! - how many of us would respond to error like that? to act with such honour is an example for us all! All we did was avidly prepare some footage - Malcolm is effectively putting his life on hold for the compilation.
Amazing! malcolm is THE dude!

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Posted:It's okay malcolm. I admire you for your honesty and the honor you have of telling everyone, publicly, that you made a mistake.

Mistakes happen, we all can't be right 100% of the time. Now I would like to congratulate Daniel for winning this time.

(and to John for coming pretty damn close! )





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Posted:I'm with Pele all the way cause as excited as I may be about the video I'ts nothing compared to you being in good health... please take care of yourself , O captain, my captain

And congratulations to john and Daniel too you two kick ass...

shine on

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Posted:lol...i hate it when i do that kinda stuff...kinda like every ummmm malcolm...did i win the poi section instead of jeff??? o wait..i didnt get my video made intime...*slaps forehead* well so much for that i really wanted the...well nevermind, no point in me telling now..

Peace Luv Uni-t Respect Responsa-what?!?! Xtrem


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Posted:Malcolm you are a sweet, honest & honourable man

Congratulations Daniel and John

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Posted:Darn, that john is not me.

i never entered this time.
I was going to but just couldn't get a video camera in time..

oh well.

I will buy the video anyway, i'm sure it rocks.

BTW malcom, i am teaching a firespinning course, and i am going to show my students the COL2 video for inspiration on the last day.


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Posted:are we gonna get any clues on who else is going to be featured on col3? or do we just have to gag ourselves and wait a while longer?
man i am impatient!! lol


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Posted:I think we will have to wait until the video is finished, based on earlier emails....... But I think Malcolm will probably include a little bit of everybody, based on an earlier post...don't know where that post was...but i remember seeing it.

P.S. Thanks for the congradulations everybody. i'm sure it was a tuff job to judge those videos. lots of tallent out there.

[ 22 June 2002, 09:17: Message edited by: santanatwo ]

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Posted:Thanks everyone for your support during my stress.

We have had a good break the last few days by only working on the videos. We have finished the Sage video and Art of Poi/ COL2 DVD. Copies are currently being made. We have half finished the COL3 video on the video editing suite. Some videos we have to try and enhance because they are a bit too dark. But generally there will be a bit of everyone on COL3 who sent something in. Thats about 34 people. Will be back at the studio after lunch to continue work.

I know you all want to see finished product.

Not long now


Malcolm, Cherry and 7

PS: I am sure if 7 did the times codes we would not have had any problems. She is a very clever cat

May your balls always burn



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Posted:help me out... Sage video? i guess i need to start reading more posts. but im clueless here. my mind is working, but...

congrats to you malcom for your destressed (i hope) past few days



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I am not sure I get the "Sage video" thing either...

Is the store reopened?



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Posted:Store is reopened.

For those that do not remember- Sage won our video competition in COL2 for her poi entry. Unfortunately her entry was not great quality video . So when we saw she was in New Zealand we had to grab her for some better filming

Sage video was filmed whilst she stayed with us at HOP.

We did an interview with her and lots of night and day filming. All professionally filmed.

We got about 6 hours of video. From that we created a 53 minute video featuring interview snippits and best footage of fire performing, flags, fans, comet,glo and beaming poi, single and double staff performed by Sage. Oh and you might see me at the end of her video doing a little silly dance with a glo staff

I have a few Sage MPG videos in the sites video gallery. Copies should be arriving here next week.

May your balls always burn



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Posted:I love you malcom..


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