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Posted:I know that I read another thread one time (can't recall which, though) with a "ninja...night...stalker...somebody" (I'm no good with names!) that started like this. And before a moderator could get to this one, or another 'personal preference' argument broke out, I just saw an opportunity to wisecrack for a minute... Dearest Lucian...WHAT WAS THAT, I CAN'T QUITE HEAR YOU...WOULD YOU REPEAT A LITTLE LOUDER
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I wonder if this follows the same principle that leads people to talk exceptionally loud when they have headphones on?!:razz: Of course, all of this is really in good humor. Welcome aboard![This message has been edited by glowshow (edited 25 October 2001).]

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Posted:OK Ok.....Im gonna give you a half sensible answer to your question..AHEM!!! (eeek probably not one the H.O.P peeps will thank me for actually)I started poi only a few weeks ago and after finding this site, I ordered some pratice poi which came with the Art of poi Video. I was really impressed and I would say this video is great for starting out. I also ordered the Circles of light video too so that I could sit back (after smaking myself on the head continuously with my new poi)and enjoy watching people who could REALLY do it!The only thing I have to say about the two Vids is I was a bit dissapointed with the picture/sound quality! ( and the music was a bit dodgy in the cirles of light vid. I ended up turning it down cos it was pretty shockin!!)....but dispite this, It is really helpfull to have a video to keep rewinding and replaying while you are learning new moves (especially if you dont have any mates who are into poi that you can learn from...boohoo thats me
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)I hope this was some help....hope you have loads of funHappi TwirlinAngie xP.S....this site is really great for answering loadsa things....just go to search xP.P.S......strange sense of humour Glow Show :S------------------"If you alway do what youve always done, youll always get what youve always got".....by 'someone wiser than me'[This message has been edited by Angie (edited 25 October 2001).]

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Posted:Just to make clear what Angie is sayingabout the quality of the videos pictures and sound."Art of Poi" has no music in the main part of the video and a high quality commercial picture and sound."Circles of Light" was videoed by many other peoples home cameras and we had no ability to increase quality of some of the tapes. As I am sure you all appreciate videoing in the dark is quite difficult and not all cameras are up to low lux levels creating a grainy poor picture. Also some losses occurr when converting from PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL but these are very minimal.Music on "Circles of Light" has to be copyright free music and what I used was the best I could come up with in the time I had. I agree the music is not that great, infact other words could be used
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My suggestion is don't buy it for the music
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It does however show a few different styles, and moves from many people around the world and in many cases puts a face to a name.Our latest compilation will be the same quality as the COL video as it is a compilation of other peoples recordings. If you want better music you can help.I am looking for copyright free music now, but to date not had any help.See Music required for next compilation tape.RegardsMalcolm

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Posted:All I can say is,turn off the sound, and crank up your fav CD!
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