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Posted:these are really fkin cool lol

my friend brought some and ive been playin with em for hours....
they have light up ones that r pretty neat ..


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Posted:i've got some too. i played with them for like a week strait and then got bored b/c nothing very cool was seeming to come out of it. ive seen some videos of some ppl doing crazy shizzle

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Posted:You can make some wicked wicked photos with them, get two sets and use them like poi
Mots astrojax gallery

There is another astrojax thread floating about somewhere.....

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Posted:I really thought they were total shite.

I bought two sets and turned them into poi straight away (just ask simian and bovril ;-))

some of the shiznitz you can do with them is really really silly though...

and i do think they work better as poi.

or juggling balls.

or anal beads.

or anything as long as they aren't astrojax.

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Posted:They seemed like a good idea for the first day or two then got very boring ... The LED ones are rather good if you`re hammered off you head, though. .. Mine have been cut up and made into poi, anyway..


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:exactly my thoughts.

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Posted:Never serch for yo yo videos on Kazza. Did that once looking for Astrojax videos after a search didn't turn up anything on them.


Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:why not?

is there porn?

surley that WOULD be a reason to search for yo yo?

Magical Sock Dancer
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Posted:Yup. spank


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or anal beads.

And you would know then sweetie? Aren't they a little big and far spaced for that? Second thought, don't answer that! wink

I played with them in the store, shrugged it off and found something better to spend my money on. I can rig balls at home to do the same freakin thing. Just didn't do it for me.

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Posted:they can be fun, but i got bored after a lil while. every so often i pick them back up. the led ones are the best tho cause they're fun to watch in a dark room. i heard that they're making or have made sound ones too? i'd be interested in checking those out.

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Posted:They are cool for just how simple and untechnical they are (it seems you can just kind of go nuts and they do whatever you want) But the lack of challenge makes them boreing quickly. I played with them all summer (they really are fascinating when your really under the influence of various substances)

Although I keep feeling like putting some serious effort into it because I figure theres realms of crazyness you can do with them people haven't really discovered yet, but they are just so boreing and (boreing looking) that they don't hold my attention. Kids seem to love them though. I figure the astrojax company had better come up with a bunch of other skill toys before the fad dies (and they go out of business)


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:they really are a bit poo.

latest craze my arse.


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Posted:from your posts here jon i'm guessing you have absolutely no skill when it comes to astrojax then...? ubblol

admittedly they are hard but so is juggling and people do silly things with that!
a large amount of control and hence some ridiculous tricks are possible with these things - there's a lovely lad that visits here from time to time that can do things with astrojax that'd make you go eek
and it has nothing to do with using them as anything apart from their intended use wink

i got some but i gave up trying to make them do good things and learnt to juggle instead rolleyes
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Posted:mumble mumble mumble

technical git

mumble mumble mumble

better than me

mumble mumble mumble


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Posted:I got some but then got bored and started the diabolo instead. It just appealed to me more.......


as laZy as .....

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Posted:hmm you might want to consider starting yo-yo, its not too expensive and it's a great hobby. It's not just for kids, most of the players are 20+.
download the video "GrindSlave" on this site: http://yoyofreaks.com/download.html
br>It shows what you can do with a yo.

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Posted:just met a welsh guy called christian(who knows most of the london juggling/poi crowd from a coupla years ago it would seem) whos been working for astrojax... and unfortunately he has me hooked. eek scary tricks possible amigos! and he even said that he'd not been doing them for a year or so, and the real genii were waaaaay ahead of him eek

off to buy a set soon(or i might just steal coles when i get to london ubblol)

R smile

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Posted:how come y'all think they're shyte?
there are hundreds upon thousands of things you can do with them...

Where's the creativity?

or is it that they take to many co-ords... stevo, it looks like we need to get a list of trix here, whatcha think?

hey bluecat... how they going?

Regards hug

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Posted:i've play'd with a frind's astrojax. a LED one. it was good fun the hour i had it, but i realise it can be boring after a while. but at least i learnt the "swith the ball your holding with the other ends ball". and its quite fun to see how the fly in the air.
to my point: if you get three set, you could probably juggle with them. it would be damn hard, but it would be frickin awsome! 9 small glowing balls, with move in a pattern of endless variations. :drool:

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Posted:I cant get the funny little bit (that holds the string in)out.

I want to use them for poi but i just can't get them apart....is there some kind of magic technique or is it just my girly weakness?


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Posted:Don't understand you, guys. Just letting them flip around is definitively boring, but you have to do a lot of exactly boring work to get them where they do what you want. And after that point, it's fantastic, all this physics hanging around ;-).

But I'm not good at it .... shrug ... not enough practise.... they live their own life in my hands ;-)



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:i got some but there just weren't challenging enough. you can be a total idiot and be good at them straight away. if you got ne turn them into something better like poi (or anal beads if that's what youre into). i made mine into tiny juggling balls juggle

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Posted:mmm, i get the point they are a bit lame and my first set i did turn into lights for my diablo, but the blue led ones do look pretty cool and i might have to get some. sunny


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Posted:I just bought some cause they're pretty and shiny. And fun to play with, my workmates who usually ignore my toys turned out all the lights and closed the doors (and nearly killed some computer screens).

Reading this thread is so funny, some of the "anyone can do this" is exactly what "proper jugglers" say about poi and staff. Toy fascists, all of ya wink

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