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Posted:Bonjour , was wondering if anyone knew what the new LED sticks were


quote: here They seem ok and they're obviously really cheap but would be good

to hear what other people thought especially malcolm, malcolm mate, your views?

And whilst we're on the subject , what type of batteries are CR1220 ?

Are they the flat round watch batterie thingy's, are they pricey? ?



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Posted:They are nice....but too friggin light.

But I gonna use the LED in them for making my own =)

Easy worth the money


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Posted:I bought 4 of em a few weeks ago and im pretty satisfied with them. But, as Lixtrim said they're too damn light. I just added some washers to the ends of the string to make mine heavier. i still cant help knockin myself a lot with em because im so used to heavy wicks They look really nice when spun and they are cheaper then glowsticks since after only a few spins they've already paid for themselves, so you really cant go wrong getting them. As far as being safe and what not, theres nothing to them so theyre easy to fix they are really safe. So far for me i havent broken the after a few clashes together so i am assuming they'll last me for a while but if they break eh o well . Hope that helped

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Posted:Mine broke... Well, to be exact, only one of them did. The little nub for the switch just snapped off.. and now it won't turn on unless I take it apart. But that's not very convienent now is it.. I don't mind though, it's just more LED's I have laying around.. waiting to be put into my beaming balls. I have enough for one total modification, but I need 4 more.. As CirRus said, they are INCREDIBLY light. Lighter than glowsticks even.. All in all, just be careful with butterflies.. very careful.


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Posted:They are nice...but light, yes. They do break though......four of my five broke....but they are nice and bright. Prefect for doubling in using glowsticks for the handles and the that, my friends, is what you call 'trippy'

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Posted:So does the whole length light up or does it just sign out the tip? Do they get good light difusion? I almost bought a bunch when I made my order but wasn't sure how bright they were.

How can they be to bright? Like they are so bright they blind you while spinning or what?

Edit:Wow theres new photos of them lit up, ignore the first half of my questions.