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who is yer poi inspiration guys? well maybe you dont tho but i do... mine are Jo derry and Danger boy... i have saw videos from them really nice dancing.... i would like to dance as good as them tho hahaIt just that i dont see many good poi dancer here sucks man =( ppl is just starting to get in that here tho

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i aint got an inspiation. where i live eveywhere u go u see people raving and doing liquid but no poi anywhere. in fact no one ever hear of it. so just to be different i started doing poi.

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Just to expand this question :Along with who your inspiration is, whether it be staff, poi devil stick, whatever, why are they your inspiration? Is the way the move? the number of moves they have .... Finn just moves so well and has so much energy when she spins! Makes it look so easy and so fluid. Could watch her all day!As for staff, my inspirations have been Flash cause i saw her doing it and wanted to be better *grin* and another guy Ben who is amazing! Im yet to see anyone show the passion and energy that he does when he twirls his sticks! Its amazing to watch.So my style seems to be morphing into something in between Flash and Ben.Same with my poi, i think ts somewhere between Finn and a girl Eva from the fireflys who i do workshops with. Of course all mixed in with my own grace (as ive been told *choke* and talent *chokes again*

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I think for me May from Infinite Chaos was an inspiration because of all the amazing things she did and so fluent too. Weather she was using one staff or doubles; she had a repertoire of tricks I didn't even know existed.She is by far the best staff twirler I have ever seen. She would do tricks that I didn't even think was possible, let alone could be done gracefully. Some of the stuff she did, I think no matter how hard I tried I would never be that good. She was also a really kind person and very attractive which made her look even more amazing.------------------ ~*~ Katinca ~*~

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