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Posted:hey everyone,
got a great new kind of light to use on poi chains. Basically bought some amazing flashing sticks at the full moon party last month. The sticks are about 6 inches long, 5 of that a solid plastic cylinder about 1/2 inch diameter, and the rest a small metal case with the circuit in, when turned on they have a lilac glow until you wave them from side to side when the beam separates into 3 different lines the length of the plastic, one green, one red, and one blue, the effect on poi is a circle of 5 inch lines around you, alternating in colour. it looks so great. only problem is durability,they're supposed to be hand held in raves so they don't last too long, but i've managed to keep some for over 3 weeks, by using clear tape to bind them and strong tape on the join between the plastic and metal. Despite this i can't tell you how wicked they look, glowsticks look so shabby in comparasin!!!! only found one place to get them on the internet it's at a site called, go check them out.!!!! jess

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Posted:Also of interest on that site are the glowring balls. Id like to see someone juggling a few of those.

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Posted:yer Jesy there pretty sweet i havn't used them on poi never thought of that...



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