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Posted:I know your meant to clean the handsticks, and I guess the devilstick as well, any recomendations for cleaning materials? Struggling to get the soot of them! (oh BTW I'm talking bout fire stix!)
Is there anyway of treating the main stick to stop the soot sticking? uhh without making it slippy that is!!!

What if I'm the normal one???

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Posted:What are the surface made out of?

Sticks - Silicone, rubber, heatwrap, playdo?

Devil Stick - Aluminium, steel, other type of surface?

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Posted:Hi, cleaning the Fire DS is a tough one, if you have a soild aluminium one cleaning should be a breeze.

If like me you have the wooden DS with the Aluminium tape, then i wouldnt risk using any cleaning agents.

I have found that if you just take the care to wipe clean the soot after EVERY burn this reduces the buildup. However some resiude will always remain. Also if you just starting with DS you will find that the soot coverage reduces after a time as you improve , spending less time doing more static or virtical moves, i.e. tic toc.

As for the handsticks i just use washing up liquid (tiny bit), a sponge and warm water. Remember the cleaner the handsticks the better they grip!

Well have fun, and play safe


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Posted:My method.
Wear crappy t~shirt
After burn, lift one arm
with the other hand hold devil stick
put devil under armpit and rub vigourously (sp?)
Say 'that'll do'
run off and play some more.


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