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Posted:On Monday did 50 minutes spinning in the rain with my climbing rope meteors; they got progressively heavier due to absorbing water.

Not a problem, but if it happened on a regular basis they'd be a pain to pack away and would eventually deteriorate.

So I was inspired to get some plastic clothes line and create some 'weatherproof' meteors, and here I am at 1.30 in the morning having just finished them.

Braiding four lines into a rope approx. 8 metres long (those monkey fist knots use a lot of rope) is a time consuming business and I reckon I must have spent 1/2 a day on it.

The main challenge isn't the actual braiding but keeping the unbraided lines from tangling as they're about 10 metres long at start (actually 5 cos I worked from the middle out)

The finished length is from my feet to my upstretched hands which is a fair bit longer than I'm used to. On a cross and follow they feel nice, but I'll have to wait till I'm outside to do anything more complex.

I think the main plusses are the weather proof-ness and the grip from the material and the textured nature of the braid. Also it feels good to have not only made the monkey knots but to have actually created the rope.

I'll have a few good sessions with them and post a progress report, and hopefully some photos as well.

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Posted:I made a set from sash window cord that feel great once you work the wax out of them.
As regards your washing line meteors, good shot, that's patience at it's best, but don't leave them out in the sun or they'll go brittle.


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