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Posted:I saw on a show one time (I think it was Trigger Happy TV) a street performer who was rolling a ball about 9" in diameter around his arms and body. Not really sure what it would be called but guess ya could say it was like contact staff with a ball. Anyone seen/done this before and know of a website or videos that I could learn from?

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Posted:It is called contact juggling. If you have ever seen labryinth david bowie does it to cast spells.

9 inches is abnormally large usually people use 2 1/2 to 4 inch balls. I have dabbled with it but not enough to get good. I mostly like the moves that only take place int he palm of the hand, opposed to the ones that role up and down your arms and stuff.

If you want to learn about it two good pages are





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Posted:2.5 to 4 inch is more common for the hand style that MM showed in labyrinth, especially for multiple balls tricks that are harder or impossible with larger sized contact balls.

However the larger balls are more common for body contact styles, rolling them all over the place, and usually no more than two at once.

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Posted:oh you make me sooo happy
"...guess ya could say it was like contact staff with a ball."

Especially after the britich juggling convention organisers couldnt comprehend the idea or contact juggling.. but with a stick.

just for that...

good old thread on contact

Videos = http://www.thesilverman.co.uk/contactsite/top.html

look at video v for steve doug(trashed) and karine (very trashed+5am) thats the peach and iv has the fantastic jago oh, and a bit of me

9" easier for body rolling stuff (its much easy with a ball that big)

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Posted:I think it loses it's appeal when you use really big balls. It's like the dream team.


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Posted:body rolling, in my opinion looks better with the larger balls because you can actually see them on a person, with the exception of rolling the single ball over the hands. That is better with a 4 to 3"-er, to learn and to see. But when I say larger I am talking the 4" - 6" balls, otherwise, while still being impressive, the Harlem Globetrotters might want to sign you!

However, I personally find the nuances of the single hand tricks quite lovely (4 ball shift and trade) but the smaller ones only work for this. I use the 2.5" and sometimes it can be a stretch for me, and I have long fingers. It really depends which you want to do...as there is an entire world of tricks involved with this.

This is all my opinion of course.
Oh, and if you want to see MM doing his stuff on the Labyrinth, the DVD has an all too brief section in the making of the movie special feature (which I tend to watch more than the movie now! )

But then again, this is all mho

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Posted:nice beard drew.


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