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Posted:Can someone please tell me what meteors and devil sticks are....Thanx

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Meteor is actually from China. It works something like this...long rope with something weighty on each end of the rope. For practice many people use knots, traditionally it was bowls of water or ignited fuel, we now tend to use wicks. With practice you can hold the rope in the center and spin in a way pretty much identical to poi or, with enough momentum, you can get the rope to spin out straight and use in the same manner as you would a staff. It is very versitile and fun, as well as a decent challenge.
Malcolm has a rope meteor available in the shop and a book about spinning Meteors by Rhys Thomas, a must have for beginners as it is really excellent!

Devil Sticks are actually a set of three sticks (some people do variations which require more), all of the same length, usually between one and two feet long. A stick is held in each hand and are used to guide the third into tricks like being tossed into the air, spun around, rolled, balanced and really there are numerous tricks. There are many variations on Devil Sticks/Flower Sticks on the market, but all work under the same concepts.

Hope this helps.

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