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Posted:what terrible powers have you given these moderator malcom. rain 'em in or i'll have to run riot. whats happened to all the video comp. vid's. my suggestion get rid of some of the old stuff, keep the good stuff thou like jo and that. keep it real

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Posted:Thanks for the suggestion. I was going to do that anyway. I have not done much with the online videos because I have been busy compressing new animation lessons. I will get onto that in the next month.Thanks again for the input
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Posted:lol *big grin*------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-



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Posted:*trying desperately not to bite*erm, at what point did I censor you DIM???

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Posted:i just get this werid feeling from time to time that you would like to make me disappear. i'm pleased your mummy taught you well, its so rude to bit strangers.


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