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Posted:Okay, i am not going to tell you who i am for fear of incrimination. I need a little bit of third party advice. I have too many different women coming to me. In the last four days i have had four different women come and see me. There are a couple more that have also wanted to see me, but we havent had the time. I like each of these women, they all bring something different to the table. I love making them happy, and i seem to be good at it.Question: is this a bad thing? should they all know about each other? I do not want to tell them because all i want to do is give them a few moments in time where they were with a great guy and had fun and ended it on a good note, and were actually happy for a change. I do not know if i should feel bad or if i should feel good that i can make people feel this way. I myself am in no way ready for a long relationship.i am tired of relationships right now. All i want to do is have fun and meet new people. Is that so wrong?help, am i a bad person? any advice would be greatly appreciated. or you can just call me names and spit in my general direction.oh yeah, and if you happen to figure out who i am, keep it to yourself or just e-mail me.

Posted:OK. here's the thing: Anon never mentioned that these women were just "friends". Therefore, implying that they were more than that in some way, shape, or form or at least they think they might be. If they didn't, why would this even be an issue? There is absolutely nothing wrong with men and women being friends. And I don't think anyone would be angry just because a male friend had other friends that are female. And the other thing: <snip>"In the last four days, I have had four different women come and see me"<snip>Is it just pure luck that all four of these women (who don't know about each other) just happen to "stop by" on different days. Sounds like careful planning to me. And I find it hard to believe that there aren't any lies being told somewhere along the way. Sounds deceitful to me. Anon, probably realizes this, hence the guilt and this post. There is nothing wrong with dating. But there is something wrong with lying. And if at some point you do want to get serious with one of these girls, you will have a lot of explaining to do. Josh- no male-bashing intended. I was just responding to the situation from the perpective of these women...isn't that what he wanted? (I love men
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Posted:fair points.I guess I was projecting into the thread my resentment of the stereotype that men are assholes and women are nice and never do anything wrong and always get taken advantage of by evil men etc etc.I have to deal with this stereotype on a regular basis and it shits me that I get stuck with it cuz I was born with a dick - when I *know* I'm a nice guy (most of the time)
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appologies to ppl who felt they were labelled man bashers incorrectly...Josh


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Posted:I'm with Cleo.I also figure if he is asking a board about it, and anonymous I might add, he really does think he is doing something wrong -morally and probably feels guilty by it.Generally if you feel guilty about something you know you are doing the wrong thing. And I think by labeling these women, as not being able to survive without you is a little disrespecting. Have some faith; I can tell you know that there is not a person in the world, man or woman who doesn't appreciate honesty and openness. I am pretty sure that you will feel like a better person if you are totally open to these four women and tell them that you are "seeing" other women as well as them. Then all your cards are on the table and there is nothing to hide. That way if they are still all happy with that, and you do get an unexpected visitor it wont be so uncomfortable. All I can say is hey, look deep deep down inside yourself and say 'Am I doing the right thing? By me ? and by these 4 women who I am "dating, seeing?" I think you will find your answer there. Then you will know what you have to do.Well thats my 2 cents worth..------------------ ~*~ Katinca ~*~

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Posted:so i stopped reading some replys after awhile and brother love you live where? want to make me happy?) kidding half way!mental dilema tells me you should stopyou're single this is more than a relationship its 4 no matter how you look at it ITS ALL ABOUT THE RANDYRANDY = RANDOM mind blowing experience with what ever sex your intoit happens on many levels as often as you let yourself 4 women and not one fulfills the space you have to recieve getting off when dealing with sharing yourself you need to be satifised and fullfilled taken care of also otherwise the circles incomplete.do any of these "women" care about your happiness and pleasure?being tangled its hard to be single and having fun too much too muchi'm opening a post that sas.."post your vote for who the boy toy is?"much love sara

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