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Posted:nothing to do with poi. but for those intrested as from spring next year cannabis will be reclassified and will not be anoffence in the uk to posses it.


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Posted:Yeee Hawww!!!I'm moving to europe..oh wait. I live in BC. best pot in the world, and it's illegal, but nobody cares, I can sit on the steps of my city hall smoking up and i'll be oK..

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Posted:Do you have a link to a story?

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Posted:Try this one: http://www.charlotte.com/topnews/pub/maryjane.htmIt's
about time some officials came to their senses! Too bad Big Brother still rules here in the States.------------------"We do not inherit this Earth from our ancestors, but merely borrow it from our children"

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Posted:This says that it would still need to be cleared by Parliament. Has that happened?'Cause if Da Man doesn't rubber-stamp it - then it hasn't happened..

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Posted:It hasn't been cleared through parliament yet, but it's very likely to.Some areas of London have already stopped arresting people for possession, they'll just give you a verbal warning if you're only carrying a bit.------------------King of all things Walrus

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Posted:it hasn't been decriminlaised.it will be downgraded from a class b to a class c drug and the police will no longer be able to stop and search on the suspicion of carrying it.there will still be penanalties for use and intent to supply but they will be a lot less than at the moment.what it will do is bring the uk's draconian drug laws in realtion to weed in line with the rest of europe.cj

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Posted:Well, it would help make official what is true already. i.e. if you're a harmless toker enjoying a puff in an out-of-the-way spot the police aren't going to make a fuss about it unless you do.Hope they do get it through. Harrassing harmless hippies is a terrible waste of police resources!

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Posted:Bovril's right, from the way they're talking about it, it sounds like it's just a case of going through the motions.It'll be interesting to see if they draw a line between an amount considered as personal use, and what they consider enough for dealing.M
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Posted:Yeah ..ditto the above ....'can I have it in writng...PLEASE'no seriously ...I would be so happy if they did decriminalise...Yaaaaaay!!..but I dont think we will see that day next year! But what affect do you think it will have on our country when it is? (apart from everyone bein a load more chilled?)------------------"If you alway do what youve always done, youll always get what youve always got".....by 'someone wiser than me'[This message has been edited by Angie (edited 25 October 2001).]

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Posted:Erm sorry to be a harbinger but decriminalisation isn't the same as making it legal. I haven't done law for about 8 years and i'm not getting into that frame of mind again right now. But basically, if it's decriminalised it means it will be tolerated but still a crime. It's like the situation in Amsterdam. There's a common misconception that you can smoke the stuff freely. But just you try wandering the streets with a joint in your hand. The brown cafes have a license to sell it and if they have more than a few ounces on the premises at any given time they are liable to arrest, closure, fining and loss of their licence.It'll be the same over here. Only it won't ever get to that stage of liberalism.The only reason this bill has been put forward in the first place is because with the current downsizing and centralisation of the police force. The police are increasingly finding themselves overstretched with regards to petty crime. So, in an effort to allow them to concentrate on more serious stuff, Bills like this are proposed. I shall drop this point now as i can feel a rant coming on
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