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Posted:Anyone ever tried to spin with two wind roarers? Just curious...just thought of the idea myself.For thos of you who don't know what wind roarers are, they are the pieces of wood that you spin around on a string, and it makes this WOOOWOOOWOOO noise. (remember silence of the lambs??) Funnily..Wind Roarers have their place in Maori culture as well.CRD


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Posted:You mean a bull roarer, Australian Aboriginal type, used primarily for cermonial purposes by the male members of the tribe? Don't they have a funny orbit or could you attach them to the ends of your poi?What are we going on about?The bull roarer was often used by the central tribes to warn women and children away from totemic ceremonies, particularly during initiation. The sound was regarded as the voice of the spirit come to take the boys away. In some cases bull roarers were associated with various totemic objects known as churinga which women or uninitiated men were forbidden to see. Penalties were severe; blinding by <b>fire-stick</b> or even death. Source:


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Posted:done it and it works a treat! is very cool because by changing the moves they wooo or weeeer at different times, virtually becomes another creative musical instrument. do try it!
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Posted:what about those little whistles on the "NERF" footballs and such? could those somehow be attached to a ball or something?

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Posted:How good an idea is that.....Nerf balls may become extremely annoying though.Now the bull roared that would be cool, i just didn't think you could get enough speed to keep em going for any consistent amount of time (whilst doing cool tricks that is).Cheers APB

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Posted:I hav a nerf throw ball and i cut out the inside of it and it makes a really cool noise when i swing it.You guys shood try it
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