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Posted:Poi is actually a hawaiian food that comes from the TARO plant. Poi is used as a thickener and substitute for potatoes and other root vegetables in Hawaiian dishes and even as a stand-in for eggs and cream in puddings and other sweet preparations. Poi is kind of like yogurt but a little thicker, and purplish in color. Traditionally, Hawaiian people ate their poi much like one eats rice or mashed potatoes alongside fresh fish or roasted pig. http://www.thepoicompany.com/index.html

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Posted:I was just in Hawaii and had some poi. It taste like crap!!!!!!!!! In fact the locals recomend you try it so you can bad mouth like they do!




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Posted:Gee, thanks for that completely irrelevant advertisement, "Wes".

Laugh while you can, monkey-boy


Posted:Tried to eat some poi.Tasted like a bloody tennis ballbollox



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Posted:Irrelevent yes, but there is something funny to me about the thought of Poi cheesecake. I usually swing my poi, not try to incorporate it into Baked goods.


Posted:ummmm... well yes poi is a staple in hawaii, but why do we call those fire dancing thingys poi? whenever I tell people I twirl fire poi they always associate it with that gruel they eat in the islands. :P



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Posted:So thats Poi.....excuse me i gotta cough up a glowstick

In order to create apple pie, you must first create the universe.


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