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Posted:hey people, just wanted to introduce name is JAson and just came across this site, because im VERY interested in LEARNING glowstick twirling.... what interested me in this, was that i was at a RAve and some guys, just had me in AWE in how that was performed....since then, i was like, i had to learn that, AND I WILL!! as a matter of fact, the video clip of LUCINDA RAMSEY in the MOVIE GALLERY, is exactly what i want to learn... so my question to you guys/gals, and im sorry this is gonna be asked, but How should i start?? can you give me some tips??? one of my problems are that i cant seem to keep the string tied, it always unloops and the glowstick goes flying.....and also i know no moves at if you can tell me the first MAIN STEPS to GLOWSTICK TWIRLING, it would be greatly appreciated!! thanks

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Posted:welcome Jason !I am more of a fire lady, but we have here plenty of people who will tell you all you want to know.Don't forget to use the search engine and enter "glowsticks", you'll find tons of great threads which will surely help you a lot. We have some real cool Glowstickers here, so enjoy yourself !Shine oncassandra

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