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Posted:O.K, sorry, but this is another non-poi subject. I'm sorry but I HAD to know, does ANYONE on this site like old school music? Ice-T, Rappers delight, ANYTHING. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!sighning off, ROb------------------

Posted:yeah dude,I have all of ICE-T's early albums...I also have some of;Public Enemy's early stuffNWAIce Cubes early stuff (just after he left NWA).They certainly dont make it like they used to...this R&B influence is pretty crap IMHO.As far as I'm concerned, rap went downhill after OG was released...that was the pinnicle ...Although, a friend loaned me Emenem's (spelling?) new album, and I reckon that dude is going somewhere...some pretty novel approaches to rhyme.I have some other Old Rap albums around the place...I dont keep track of it like I used to, although very occassionally I whip it out :)[Josh]PS bear in mind - this is a Twirling discussion board...you should try to at least pretend that its related... ;)[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 25 January 2001).]


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