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cutie poi girlie
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Posted:uhhr..this may be a stupid question but when your spinning fire poi what do you soak the wicks in? someone pleez answer...i know your out there...

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Location: Manchester
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Posted:sup cutie?what you dip your wicks in is a matter of personnal preference.I like to use normal Paraffin.Its non-carcinogenic, cheap, readily avaiable and burns for a long time, without fumes, smoke or smell.Others i know use BBQ lighter fluid, or kerosene. Niether of which i like (both contain carcinogens, smell, produce fumes/smoke), and unlike paraffin, they dont double up as easily for fire breathing. I mean you can but be it on your head if you use kerosene. Pluracy, collapsed lungs and Kero burps await.And anyway, although parafinn isnt the most healthy thing to swallow. In olden days, doctors used to use it to cure ulsers in the stomach.wait..........agggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhI sound like a paraffin advert. nooooooooooooooooooooooo.


dont wiggle dont work
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Posted:hay cutie i ALWAYS use paraffinit doesnt blister, donsnt burn (well thats what ive been told) it smells good too :-)take my advise use paraffin------------------Awesome. o wow. like totally freak me out. i mean right on. torros sure r number 1


old hand
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Posted:parrafin = kerosene over here
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spinning for ages
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Posted:Here in Australia we have been using a product called pegasol....nice high flash point, burns clean, can be used as fire breathing fuel without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Kerosene here tastes and smells like crap...and usually has a blue dye in it....I am pretty sure that Parrafin and Kero are not the same thing. You can buy "Lamp oil" here and I am sure that this is much closer to Parrafin, but then you can buy odourless kerosene as well...which seems pretty similar....Gosh I don't know!!!------------------fe fi foo fun

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