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I must say i am getting damn tired of this American Ghetto slang. An I apologize to people in other countries that have to hear it used. So i want to start using some slang from other countries but i have no idea what you people might say. Like i know for a fact people from England has some crazy slang cause i was talking to and English girl one day and i had to keep asking what she ment.But for the people outside of the US here is our slang...these all mean it's really cool: thats really cool, Thats Hot!, Tight, sweet, Dude that's badass,ways to refer to a close guy friend: Bro, Dude,Son(oh i hate that one),Ma Nigga,wyas to refer to a girl: BITCH!, girl,female,biznitch,slut(and this is from a friend,,sheesh),chickenheadways to say hi: Hi , hey, whats up, Sup (shortened whats up),Yo,How's it flowin, or just a hand shake that if you didn't know what it was , looks like a secret handshake but everyone does it.Well thats all i can think of ,, please i wanna use some international slang , so tell me what you go. :> )cheers,,heheShizzle ma nizzle biznitch

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C@ntus, do you have any 'Doyo's by you? My nanny Sue from over there saw one in Courtenay, in Zellars so had us follow the Doyo around. It was very bloody funny. It looked like the Doyo was about to get her knickers in a knot. As soon as she heard my Nanny Sue call her a Doyo she started to walk away from us and give us a wierd look

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some of the southern uk ones i have no idea about, but geordie ones i can tell a plenty...

"how man woman man" = look, you silly woman
"geet" = big
"radgie mon" = dodgy fellow
"tekkin liberties" = taking the piss
"taking the piss, liiiiiiiiiiike?" are you having a go?
"ah fookin naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" = Yes, I'm aware
"Nah, Ah divvent..." = No, I don't.
"trev" = atypical addidas wearing radgie
"shazza" = trev's girlfriend
"minga" = vile person (normally opp. sex)
"fugly" = fucking ugly
"mint" = brilliant (ala new dude in big bro 3)
"smoggie" = person from middlesbourgh
"mackem" = person from sunderland
"unlucky" = people south of the tyne
"get ya chebs ooot!" = get ur man titties out
"shan" = unfair
"aww here man..." now look you here
"minging hippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" =ne1 not a trev or a shazza

enjoy ya mad fookin radgies!

vic xx

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You just have to watch a few movies from a few other countries to pick up on what the slang is.

Australia is perhaps too well versed on american slang care of the west coast ghetto you call hollywood. Thankfully we set up an Eastern Gold Coast Hollywood and have mangaged thus far to sell the USA back both the Matrix and the original Scooby Snax.

My big asks are where to now hollywood?? Are we back to Monte Pythonesque? If we are, I have a fantabualous mockumentary to direct.

aka maeon.

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lol twirly vic that's so hilarious!!!
/writes notes
I wish my mates talked the funny when they're sober!!

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Originally posted by NYC:
Why you dissin' my peeps, biznitch? I thought we wuz mad tight but you really jus a playa hater. I ain't feelin dat, knowwhatImsayin'son? You betta step off before I'm about to teach you some ghetto respect, boy. Cuz that wak shiznick's a fight on my block. Yo, Props to the REAL bouroughs for keeping it real. Crooklyn's in the hizouse now. I ain't feelin Statin Island right now so you betta stop frontin' for I have to drive on out there and gi you some education bout the GHETTO son.
I don't know what's scarier, that this is an example of my language or that I understood it...


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I almost never understand NYC when he speaks even though we live together right now .... will you please teach me ?

PS : though he does not speak like this every day ... he's a teacher and hads to be mroe articulate sometimes

shine on

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Hi these are some Australia slang things if no one has said them all redey

Tucker - Food
Tucker Box - Lunch Box
Grub - Food
Thong - Sandal (not the underwear kind)
Boot – Trunk of the car

Bandaid Girl

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Right, scottish slang........and welsh...and a bit of english....

bed = 'scratcher'
Ned = typical KAPPA wearing, loud mouthed person
pieces = sandwiches
Doll or Hen = female (nice one)
Pall = male (nice one)
"pure shhhhhhowken liiike" (pure shocking like) = thats disgusting/bad. Scottish people always use 'pure' to emphasise how good or bad something is, eg. PURE BRILLIANT or PURE SHITE
ragin' = mad
Mosher = refernce to someone of altrenative dress sense and music (usually said by 'Neds')
Alright? = hello/nice to meet you/ how you doing?


LUSH = somethings beautiful (can desc. people as well as things)
MINGING = disgusting
LAME = rubbish
PAP = shit
BOSS = superb (urgh! hate that word)

erm....I'll think of more...

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Cheers for the tracksuit, it was pucker. Offskie to my see my mum whos a bit of a munter, shes always sucking eggs, and smokes 40 fags a day. I snogged my bloke last night; and he felt my jumper bumps. Went up the apples and pairs, and bonked like a slag. Pooped down the boozer, to talk to a man about a dog, but he'd had 10 pints and was off his tits; he showed me his todger but i said he could go stick it up his own jacksie. Took a waz and then went home.

Just wrote this to illistrate our amazing sense of the English language; i want to point out that this is a made up story.

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OOOOOH! The 'S' word! I've been in trouble on this site for using slang too much, hoohoO! HERE i CAN RUN FREE!

Mo' London Slang -

*Words for yer House-'My Yard','My Drum','My Gaff'.
*Girl/Woman- 'Beany','Bitch,'Ho','Girl','Yat',
*Boy/Man- Bloke, Geezer, Bruv, Blud, Brare
*A good looking person- Fit, Tick, Fine,
*Ugly- Butters,'hoegly','nasty',
*Greetings-'Easy/Easy Now','How's it goin'?','Yes-Yes!','Wha-Guan?'(multi-purposed, kind like wus'up/ whats goin on?),'Safe'(THE MOST versatile word, u can use it for hello, an affirmation, a positive response to a statement, a thankyou, instead of yes- e.g:
Q:'is it safe if I cum over?'
A:'yeah, safe man'.

*Being Broke-'Brass','Brassic',

Now Lets put it all togeather, for example:

Person 1:"Easy-Blud, whag-uan?"
P2:"Nuttin' man, jus' chillin."
P1:" You cummin' yard?"
P2:"Nah-man I'm brassic."
P1:"Safe-Safe, me check u later."

I know there's more....


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Drug related terminology-

*Ecstacy- Pills, E's, Round ones.
*Halucinogens- Psyc's, cid, trips,
*Heroine- Brown, B, H,
*Crack- Rock, White, C, Peng, Pengaleng.
*Cocain- Coke, Snow, White, SnowWhite, C.
*Ketamine- K, Special K, Keloggs, Breakfast.
I think all the weed terms have been dun but-
*Rizla- Skins, Papers, Vera,
*Smoking- Bunnin', Burnin', Gettin' Mash-up,
*Joint(or marijuana cigarette)- Zoot, Blim, Spliff, Splee, Coner, Tonker.
*Making a joint- Billin'up, Rollin', Skinnin'up, Wrappin',
*Types of Rollin/Joints- Standard, L-Skin/L-Bar, Two-Skin(but this can be increased as desired-ie- 3-skin/4-skin etc..), Template, Tulip, CrossRoads.

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my brain tries to assimilate but goodness....
slang really is odd.

how come that so many words for female seem to derive from a derogative term like whore and bitch??


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well i think most of you have covered it all but here and 2 that girls say a-lot whether american or australian.

Whatever: meaning who cares
Totally: agreeing with somone or been excited.
unreal: being really excited

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Shes a minger - That girl is damn ugly


Great Craic (pronounced Crack) = Great fun

Culchie - country person in Ireland without refinement

He's some Cowboy - hes a conman

Cop on - don't be such an ass

No cop on (to have) - have no common sense

Now we're suckin' diesel - Everything is splendid!

And one I discovered UK peeps did not understand just the other day

Knacker Drinking - drinking on bus /street / public

On the piss - out on the town with the intention of getting drunk

Hammered, Locked, Jarred, Fluthered =Drunk

Bog = 1 - Place where peat bog is cut for fuel 2 - Toilet

And many many more at Irish Slang

More Irish Slang

and when I sent this site to my boss in Japan he actually used some of these in a guide book!!

Yes, More Irish Slang!!

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By the way (by the by, by the buzz),
i think it best to mention that plenty of people are not down with (are not okay with: are you doown with that? No, that's not cool) using "bitch, slut, whore" as a general term for women. Some people do use these words in a slang context and don't mean offense by them, but that does NOT mean that no offense will be taken!
People can call me a woman, a girl, girlie, bird, chick, sheila, and like that, but if someone is calling me bitch, slut, whore, skank, etc, they'd better be prepared for a very negative response!
That, i might add, is one of the basic diffs (differences) between guys and girls: among male friends an insult is friendly, among women, pretty much an insult is an insult. There are some girls who do more of that sort of talk, and there are a very few of my female friends with whom i'll exchange friendly insults, but on the whole, girls don't do the friendly insult thing with each other...


Spark a nug - yet another term for smoking pot

baked - stoned (high on pot)

frying - tripping on acid

fried - very tired and burnt out

cooked - tired, or in trouble ("He finds out you broke his new wicks, you're cooked, dude")

weak - bad, usually when someone doesn't have a good reason for something they said or did, or when beurocracy interferes with a good time ("we didn't get the burn permit, it was so weak")

don't get your panties in a bunch/knickers in a twist: - calm down, don't be upset

get a grip on your pantyhose - see above

skeezer - sleazy person

hoser - a jerk (this one was big in the 80's and is coming bck around)

wonk - someone who is very focused on what they do, and very good at it, with the connotation of doing things by the rules (linux wonk, hockey wonk, Roland X5 wonk. I've never heard anyone say sex wonk )

Some you'll hear more in Colorado or other mountain areas:

Jeremiah Johnson - someone who is very self-sufficient and experienced in the wilderness (from a 70's movie)

Going up - going hiking/camping/backpacking (in Denver we say Up, in the mountains it's going Out). This is usually accompanied by a little head gesture towards to mountains.

Dusted - got only a little snow

Diamond/double diamond/black diamond - difficult or very difficult, or sometimes very elite. Ski runs are marked by level of difficulty, a run marked with 2 black diamonds is the most difficult and dangerous. ("How'd you do on the test?" "Not so hot, man, it was a double diamond for sure". "Are you gonna ask Suzette out?" "Are you kidding?!? That girl's a black diamond run, dude. She's outta my league")

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Ketamine: breakfast of champions
lines: rails
eating LSD: dropping, dropping hits
LSD: acid, cid, squid, Ellis Dee (ie, i'm picking up my friend Ellis tonight!)
on mushrooms: mushled (pronouced mush-ul-d)(ie, man, i'm so mushled), mushy (i'm a bit mushy), schrooming, tripping
mushrooms: schrooms, zooms, zoomers, boomers, fun-guy (i'm picking up my friend, he's a fun guy), caps.
tripping out- tripping balls, messed, fucked, not here (i'm not even here)
sketchy- one is after a night of drugs and/or no sleep and/or partying. 2.a type of person that is weird (in a bad way), unntrustworthy, possibly dirty, possibly a druggy. ionno just sketchy. (ie, that kid is sketchy!)
phat- cool, or in the case of pants, wide
cool: sweet, tight, bad, phat, nice, ill, sick, crazy, the shit, the shiznit, wicked, slick (also smooth, money), the bomb, dope
hella: really

we do the hand slap here in ontario too, as well as the bam.. or grabbing each other's thumbs and holding em for a sec.

cracked- weird, fucked up

hi: 'sup, hows it hanging? (if asked to a guy, you usually get 'a little to the left' as a reply, or something else pertaining to their penises)
whatever tickles your pickle: whatever turns your crank: whatever floats your boat: whatever you like.
breaking my balls: charging too much
props: compliments, respect
pissed: angry
fanfuckingtastic- that's just great *sarcasm* or no sarcasm

and i completely agree with jade lynx, you call me a bitch, i'm gonna take it as an isult, i don't care how amusing you think you are.

i think it's really interesting how most of the girl names are degrading...same with female genitalia: pussy, cunt, gash (eww i hate that one) box, hole, vertical smile
while guys aren't: willy, john, dick, cock


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I got confused in New Zealand, where
Tea could mean dinner
A fanny is not your bum
schnoggin' is kissing
sweet as (not a$$) means, right-on, nice
pies aren't usually for dessert
and all dessert is called pudding!

Here in Colorado "right-on" is overused, meaning... sweet, Yes!
In Montana, they say "you bet"
but I still find myself saying "Cheers, Mate!"

take the schneak-tip

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Here a couple of South African ones I've found

Oke - the ONLY word for a man (pronounced like bloke but without the "bl" bit)

Chick - the ONLY work for a woman, appat from "female" which tends to be used in a insult-muttered-under-the-breath way ("Stupid female")

Kiff - cool

Toxic - bad

Yebo - (zulu word) means "Yes" but used exactly like an englishman uses "Alright" -- meaning "Yes" "Hello" "Understood/OK" etc

Oh my sack! - Oh my god!

Oh my hat! - Polite/female version

Howzit? - Greeting, much like "Alright"

Cheers - only seems to be used for goodbye so causes confusion when thanking someone for something

Cost - sucks, as "You cost!" or "That costs!" -- as in "cost to society"

A weird one was "Fair" which pretty much mean "Ah right" Enthusiasm was shown with a sliding scale:

"Fair dog"
"Fair dog ox"
--- god knows how this came about

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Pikey generally means the same as Ned/Chav/Townie appart from area with high populations of gypsys where it still means gypsy

Neds have got many names. Scalley Kev, Pikey, Townie, Chav, Spiv, Kappa-Slappa (female version), Rudeboy

They're pretty easy to spot. Baseball cap (usually a knock off Burberry one), Adidass tracksuit, pristine white trainers, 4 karat bling, short hair gelled into little furrows.

Check out for an indepth synopsis

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Ozland word:
Prime Minister : Lackey of US wink

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Oh yeah, I had a point about Pom (an englander) too.

There's two storys about this, one is that it stands for Prisoner Of (her) Majesty. This got a reply (refering to all the Aussie backpackers visiting the mother land) in the form of Jafa -- Just Another "Flipping" Australian, although I admit to never having heard this used.

The other story is that it's short for "pomegranate" which, with a strong Australian accent, will just about rhyme with "immigrant" -- refering partly to all the British backpackers over there

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Written by: Domino

Here a couple of South African ones I've found

Oke - the ONLY word for a man (pronounced like bloke but without the "bl" bit)

--- god knows how this came about

What I didn't understand while I was there was the "just now"

"I'll call you just now..." and you could be waiting by the phone anywhere between 5 minutes and two days. smile)

There's the quicker "Now, now" though.... smile

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that is so true. My boss is south african and i could never understand what she was saying as just now didn't make sense to me. Now that i read that post i notice that she says that about everything. another thing that she say's alot is "I'm telling you."

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Another couple that confused me are "Is it?" and "Hellova"

"Is it?" get's used a lot like "Really?" in england but doesnt always seem to make sence

"This cup of tea is really hot"
"Is it?"

"I really love tea"
"Is it?"

"Hellova" meaning very (hell of a) but again gets used in odd ways

"It's a hellova long way"

"It's hellova far to walk"

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ken - know as in 'I ken'
ken aye - i know yes

one that i'm spreading about is
wenchy friend girlie mainly
(or wench - bad version bitch)

i had loads in my head as i was reading down the page but i'm stuck now...

eejit numpty stumer tool(spanner plank) - these are all words for idiot
they confused my aussie friend recently...

random murbles

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How about those Canadianism, eh?
Gotta love those 'uns about booze...

Booting, to boot -- An adult over the age of 18 buying liquor for those who are underage. Ie, "You got a boot tonight?" or "I'm booting for Jaime and Kyle, if they've got the money to pay me."
Bunnyhug -- A Saskatchewan term for a kind of hooded sweatshirt with a pocket in the front to keep hands warm. (A hoodie -- I'd never heard of this one, but it's so cute!)
Chinook -- Winter storm system that causes warm weather
Click -- Kilometre or kilometre per hour
Deke, deke out -- To feint, to trick or avoid someone. Ie, to deke out of a meeting.
Dick, dick all -- Nothing. Ie, "Whatcha up to tonight?" "Dick all..."
Double-double -- Coffee with double cream, double sugar (especially, but not exclusively, from Tim Hortons). Triple-triple and four-by-four (less common) are three and four creams/sugars, respectively.
"Eh" -- Spoken interjection to ascertain the comprehension, continued interest, agreement, etc., of the person or persons addressed. Can be used in any variety of situations.
Forty, forty pounder -- 40 oz. bottle of alcohol
Homo milk -- Homogenized milk. Known in the States as whole milk. Nobody here thinks twice about the milk cartons with the word 'Homo' writ in large letters on them.
Mickey -- Small (13 oz.) bottle of liquor, shaped to fit in a pocket
Screech -- Particularly potent brand of Newfoundland rum
Toque -- Rhymes with "kook." A kind of hat; a 'beenie', if you will.
Two-Four -- A case of REAL beer, a case of twenty-four beers.
Weak, makes me weak -- Saying that can mean anything from disbelief to enjoyment. Ie, "So John's going out with Susie!" "That makes me weak!" or, "Hey, check this out!" "Oh, I'm weak!"
Zed -- The letter after Y

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Doob- joint
whoo-ha- woman's private parts
Mangina- a drag queen's private part, aka- the angry inch

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back in my home home (canterbury kent uk)we called 'rude boys' or 'townies':


i have heard this slang nowhere else.
you know, those kids that dress like rappers and think they're well hard!

the*pom smile

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i just call them "losers" ubblol

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...


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