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Posted:everyone keeps talkin about music to twirl to... what music? like, what types? i've been tripping myself out recently by making up really quiet little chants that keep me in time... i didnt even realise till for quite a while, until i started saying them a little louder...

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Posted:music........well theres no better music than psycedelic trance for poi... and the surrounding of an nice outdoor doof is such a good atmosphere that suddenly i know much more tricks to do....



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Posted:Er... different point of view here... something very angry (Earthtone9 for instance) I tend to treat my poi twirling as if it were a martial art, or some kind of weapon.Anger is a gift.Evilsun



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Posted:all i need is something with a good steady beat. my friends got some bongos! its simple but fun, live music is quite cool.ellie------------------little miss firefly, burning bright,lights your way all through the night.

little miss firefly, burning bright,lights your way all through the night.



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Posted:I have twirled to (variously):Classical (Ride of the Valkyrie and Toccata and Fugue both recommended)Hard HouseFloaty, widdly tranceLive drumsThe Beastie BoysJapanese power popTo be fair, anything with an easily recognisable beat is good for solo practice, it helps you get a rythm, but anything you know well goes down well in a performance because you can anticipate the changes and alter moves accordingly. I once had an old guy ask me whether *I* was producing the music from transmitters attatched to the poi. It was house music and he'd maybe never heard it before.I nearly bust a vein laughing.Drakien------------------'Only ever use the pink kind...'

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Posted:I tend to listen to techno, rave type music, the tunes on Circles of Light vid are perfect.But whatever gets you going, man
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Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi



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Posted:Pele has fun with whatever music fits her mood. Like Drakien said almost any music can be spun to provided it has a rythm.This has been debated quite a lot. Most like trance and drum music. Personally I found that after 20 minutes of that I get really bored. I'm a fan of modern music and so is most audiences, which is Pele's focus.Now to be a jerk, as a regular reader I urge the newbies to use the search function provided for you. If you're still interested in the music topics try doing a search for it. I did a search through the Social Discussions for any topic with Music in the subject and found 18. This one being one of them. If you think of a question, search for it first. It's probably already been asked and your answer will be found there. Since music is very popular read through the old threads and gain insights there.Thank you.------------------"Except for that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you like the play?"Pyromorph - Let the fire change you[This message has been edited by Pele'sWhippingBoy (edited 09 October 2001).]

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Posted:ummm...gabber music is best



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Posted:i dont really mind what i twirl to...anything with a good solid or non solid beat...or even music without a beat...just the sound of a didge or a jaw harp....the sound of silence...really it doesnt matter to me....i love spinning at clubs though...sometimes good loud music is the best thing for me...cant beat a good bit of psy/goa trance or hard house....or even sometimes really dirty acid techno...mmmmmm...hehegoafire



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Posted:Anyone know of any good stations in London, im a bit of a scrooge when it comes to buying music?

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