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Forums > Social Chat > OMG - I just remembered when I first picked up poi!

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Posted:Had to share it with you all - cuz I'd forgotten for so many years!
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)when I was in first or second year uni ('96 or '97) I was walking across the plaza (wide open space generally used for hackey and beer on campus) and there was this doofy looking girl giving lessons on using poi. Now I had just been getting into Doofs, and I recognised her. So I thought I'd give it a go (probly avoiding study
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) Well - I was there until it was time for her to pack up..and I couldnt do anything other than three beat weave (thanks to my martial arts training)
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I can actualyl remember not being able to turn around while poi'ing...This is cool. I love my faulty memory..always pushing things to the surface that I've forgotten about...like my car registration
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Thanks for listening.Josh

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Posted:I have a few memories of poi, but the one that made me buy some was up at byron markets and a i saw a girl called karly spinning out the front of her stall and fell in love!There was also another amazing girl at the arts factory that just made it look so graceful and beautiful, had to have a go!------------------ - Industrial design knows of no article more useful than the milk crate -http://wickeffect.cjb.net

- Industrial design knows of no article more useful than the milk crate -

Posted:I guess I should point out, that I havent been twirling since then. I did it a bit back then (2 months), got stuck not knowing what to learn next, put em on the shelf til early 2000 and then started to get into it more seriously.Josh

cutie poi girlie
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Posted:ha, ha, i remember, too! there was this little group, spinning on the beach, selling poi. i was too nervous to ask to buy some, so i asked my friend to, i found i didn't have enough money, so i ran back home (took about ten minutes), nicked the money off my mum, and brought a pair. that was about 1 and a 1/2 years ago.i was rubbish then but i'm much better now...
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Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x


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Posted:Josh and Frenzie - I notice women feature in both of these, goes to prove that Poi is sexy, and great for making friends!My first spin was at a lovely full moon celebration the Drome. I'd seen it before a couple of times, and a friend had been twirling for a few months. My girlfriend and I decided to have a go for a laugh. As I thought my general lack of coordination mean't that I made a mess of it, but we decided to buy a couple of pairs and we just got hooked!

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Posted:I think there is no doubt that Poi is sexy
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who wouldnt be attracted to a woman (or a man for that matter
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) who has;-Strength-Grace-Determination-Creativity-Gutscuz it takes all that to become a good fire dancer
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<and besides that - chains are soo kinky
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Posted:Yes I agree with all of the above, the main reason I wanted to start was because of this one special boy that i fell in love with, he was doing poi and looked so kinky aaawww
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.------------------Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:::enters the voice of staff purism::flaming shafts of rigid power are kinky too!! I first saw fire dancing at a free concert in sydney many years ago. just some cute hippy boys with long single staffs. I was entranced and simply had to learn, so bought a broom handle and figured it all out for myself.I'd never seen chains until I was watching a docco on Burning Man 98 where this very sexy girl was twirling them ever so seductively, and of course, I wanted to be just like that, so I made myself a pair and tried to figure it out (failed miserably). it wasn't until finding this website did I realise they were called poi and are becoming increasingly more popular than staff spinning.all hail the mighty staff

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Posted:You will note of course, that the attributes I listed apply also to staffies
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