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Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Member Since: 12th Mar 2003
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Posted:Does anybody here ever do any fire fighting?

What I've got in mind is staff against poi. Rope poi work better than chain poi because the chains scratch up the staff on contact.

Basically, what I have in mind is contact fighting, with the contct being achieved by wrapping the poi around the staff and then pulling it off.

I've done this a few times, and it's a lot of fun. One time my friend threw his staff at me and I caught it in the air just with the rope poi. I spun it around my head once and then gave it back. The whole thing was totally accidental (he didn't even mean to launch his staff) but it looked like it was a planned thing to the audience.

The hardest part for the contact is timing. It's really easy to miss each other when you're trying to hit each other, especially since you don't want to hit the other person's body at all, and so you're always pulling back.

I was thinking an alternative to long poi would be a long kevlar rope. That would look almost like a sword against a staff.

Does anybody else do this sort of thing?

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Posted:Hmm, have tried fire sword fighting, rope dart vs staff, but not much else. I'm sher there are alot of different variants out there tho, fire hoe vs fire pruning shears bein next on my list...Contact stuff like you said is fun, we use it to grab a staff from one person, n throw it to another person, but is not somethin I'm ready to go out n perform with yet, dunno..Me personally tho, if I'm going to choreograph or free style a fire fight, I'd rather use solid implements, there's less room for error, pain or flaming chikkins that way..Mebbe just the chain I'm using or links, but 60% of all practice fights using poi results in poi heads flying off, thru broken chain or broken connectors..

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Location: Loughborough, UK
Member Since: 13th Jul 2003
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Posted:Me and a friend have done a couple of impromptu staff vs staff mock fights, which was really quite fun . But we haven't got around to choreographing anything yet. Sure we'll get round to it soon enough though


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Posted:i played around once with a friend who does martial arts stuff...so we passed the staff between us and we also did it with two staffs passing and mock fighting. It was interesting to see the diffrence in style between the artist and the warior.

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Posted:Sweet fighting with fire toys seems like fun I might have to give it a go.

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Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Member Since: 12th Mar 2003
Total posts: 28
Posted:I've got a friend who's teaching me some staff moves for fight scenes now as well. But I'm more interested in poi vs. staff.

That 60% comment is interesting. I haven't seen any heads come off during fights yet, but I haven't seen too many fights for that matter.

I wrap the poi around my legs and arms all the time, sometimes while jumping in the air at speed. But I'm wondering if the added tension of a second person trying to pull his/her staff away when wrapped in a poi might be more than what my legs produce. I wonder if that makes it more likely for poi to snap.

I know what you mean about the warrior vs. artist bit. I used to take aikido, so when I move around, I always come out looking like I have a chip on my shoulder that I want to rub with anybody nearby.

And they call me the Pacifist. Sheesh.

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Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
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Posted:I have done some coreographed fight scenes with flaming weapons, mostly with my old troupe in Seattle years ago.

Poi v. Staff works pretty well. Staff v. Staff works well too. Stuff with fire swords requires some pretty careful coreography, but it can look spectacular. Also, I did some dueling whips at burningman couple of weeks ago, with Chris from Wildfire [http://www.wildfireentertainment.com ], we did whip blasts at each other and then various whip tricks and strikes. I don't recommend dueling firewhips unless you are really comfortable with your partner.

If done right flaming weapons fights are big crowd pleasers, and if you mess up and light your partner on fire the crowd loves it. Not that you should be lighting your partner on fire... right?

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Posted:A friend and i started fire fight game with staffs, each person soaks both end, but only lights one. the objective being to light your opponants unlit wick. Quite fun, but only works well if both attack often,
Saying this kids are the best, as they have no fear. We were in polseth over the summer and met a groups of young guys (bout 14 15yrs) after watching us for a few nights, we started showing them some basics, after a few hours of leaving them to (unlit for the record) they've come back with a majority of our moves, and worked out a fight routine between 3 of them, where they're ducking swiping jumping diving..... Mad! Kids learn too fast! put us to shame!

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Posted:This weekend I and Knagi were out performing and he was playing with a firesword while I was playing with my poi. He started attacking me so I started defending with the poi.

It was awsome. I highly recomend it. It's like doing wraps on something other than your own body. Very, very fun.

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Posted:I make with stuff some parts of FORms (kung fu)
Its a good idear to perform "fire fighting" iven
where is only one person. looks Good ......
And If More .Woof

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Posted:yes mself and my freind jordan did little poi v staff sparring at the weekend, most enjoyable, as doing wraps round parts of the body are impressive but i still find it difficult to link to and from. so i wrap round the washing line pole in my garden, a lot of objects could be useful once the skill is gained, think jackie chan fight scenes there is nothing that isnt flipped twisted broken moved hid behind, to be able to do that with fire would be cool.......if way way way beyond me at the moment

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