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Location: Bath UK

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aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggrrrrrrrreeeeeeerrrrraaaaaAfter two weeks of twatting myself in the face and ankles, hours of pain and frustration taken to the point where I actually ended up breaking a set of practice poi (not proud)! The moment of extasy arrives....7.45 GMT in my living room in Bath UK, whilst practicing my behind the back figure of eights, both sides, by some wierd fluke of nature (or maybe and act of God?) I actually find myself doing the, wait for it....
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Oh yes, yes sirie as our American friends would say, the behind the back weave has been achieved, and I owe it all to TaiGuy and the www.juggling.co.nz forum!If you want to learn the btb weave then I strongly suggest you use TaiGuys advice as found on this forum. I can't find it anyomore (I can't remember where it was), but after asking permission from TaiGuy (for the moderators, I am not ripping you off) I have posted it on my site (www.poishop.f2s.com, in the dowloads section).What remains to be said is:Thaaaaaank yooooooou TaiGuy!

errrm I intend to live forever, or at least die trying.

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Insatiable fire-faerie (Angie)
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

Location: Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland,U.K

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Posted:eeeeeeeee bygum!!!
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Fancy that!!!!
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Nice one matey!!!......you sound so chuffed....I pissed myself at the 'twatin yourself in the face' comment because I am SO at that stage right now! ....keep practising and smiling, It just shows if u keep at it you get there in the end...(Im gonna have to keep reminding myself of that over the next few weeks/months/eeeek years maybe !!!)Love Angie x P.S.....Im just off to check out the juggling site....(Dont worry HOP..I will alway stay faithful. he he
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)------------------"If you alway do what youve always done, youll always get what youve always got".....by 'someone wiser than me'

"You've got red on you!" Shaun of the Dead


BRONZE Member since Sep 2001

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

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Posted:GOOD JOB!I know the feeling, just got the btb rev. weave thursday night, with a huge grin on my face and bruises everywhere else
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Now time to tackle the btb fwd. weave...more fun!Chris

Defy Gravity!



Location: Rochester, Kent, UK

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Posted:YAy maybe I'll get it this time!Many a time I've been hit round the head with my poi trying to pull this one off hopefull this will work!------------------The world always looks better when ur unconcious! (well i think so, i dont know about ne 1 else!)

The world always looks better when ur unconcious! (well i think so, i dont know about ne 1 else!)


Posted:aah. allways good to get a move but the btbweave was a really wonderful feeling


Girl From Mars

Girl From Mars

Location: Liverpool, NY, USA

Total posts: 168
Posted:while on topic. i manage to get the BTB Reverse weave. !!!!!!!! so excited. congrats to you ithaca. and best of luck to all that are still working on it. don't worry you will get it sometime, just keep trying.love to all~the martian------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.



Location: Alexander, Iowa

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Posted:is it just me or was the foreward BHB weave ALOT harder to learn then the reverse BHB weave



Location: Seattle, WA, USA

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Posted:It is MUCH harder for some reason.



Location: lincolnshire

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Posted:that was the funiest message ive ever read Ithaca, i dont know why it cracked me up, probably coz i get so exited when i get something right too, congratulations ellie

little miss firefly, burning bright,lights your way all through the night.




spinning for ages
Location: Christchurch

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Posted:Well I got the five beat weave last night...but I am still twatting myself in the face while tring to get the behind the back weave....more practice tonight!!! With a couple of wines first...maybe that will help!!!------------------fe fi foo fun

fe fi foo fun


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