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Posted:Erm I'm sure it's on the board somewhere but I can't find it. Do you have to use finger spinning to do a 3 beat weave? If so, do you just hold the staffs normally when entering it cause I find the finger spin that seems necessary, very difficult?


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Posted:Nice variation for weaves - isolate them biggrin

Put each hand by the opposing wick, and keep it there and you'll have a magical double length staff wink

Feels really nice, but there's quite a bit of body movement at the moment. Probably looks cleaner than bringing your wrists back together as well.

Oh, and I've managed a 6 beat weave, with a *lot* of body turnin (and plane mangling. sorry, I'll put them back later...). It's actually easier than the 5 as you turn round to let both arms unlock at once. Or something. It's late and it's hard to describe... but it is possible smile

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Posted:I'll say again, PLEASE make a video =).6 beat, good golly.

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