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Posted:I was just talking with a freind Elli about a Parachute jump I did recently (totally amazin..Im hooked) and we were just wondering what other crazy/or not so crazy things you guys got up to other than Poi/Fire etc!(Would you class Fire Poi as being an extreme sport??)Love and happy spinninAngie x
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Posted:Did i say inspirational? I meant to say Charles should be institutionalised...------------------C@ntus

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Posted:I Sumo Wrestle...--Andy


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Posted:Now whose getting hung up on th einspirational thing Cantus hey hey!
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(just in case no-one knows what were talking about and you want to know, Cantus thinks that something I said I did (i may have been lying) was inspirational). (but I'm not boasting, or even using brackets excessively)(so there)(
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