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Posted:Ok welli just got a fir staff with 4 inch wicks on the ends and i need to know how to dipp it.

do i have to soak the wick from top to bottom or can i just dip the top half of the wick and it will soak up the fule for the whole wick.

i hope that makes sence!

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Posted:put the wick
in the fuel.......?



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Posted:jah - you pretty much need to dip the entire wick, if you want lots of fuel and flame. But if you don't want to be pouring 4 inches worth of fuel into a bucket everytime you want to have a burn, you just need to find a deep container, with a smallish diameter, and a wide opening on top.

If you go to Kathmandu (or any other camping shop) they have these solid plastic drinking containers which work well. $9.00 if you go during one of their half price sales.

hope that helps.

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Posted:Or a really cheep alternative is to use a Woodstock(440mls) can, though if ur under-age it prolly isnt the best idea. Though is what i use u just have to cut very close to the top of the can then once u do that round the edge of the can cut down a few mm bout every half cm an then fold the parts down.... hope that makes sence.... that just makes a sorta saftey egde so u dont get the sharp part of the can. Admitedly it isnt the best option but some mates of mine use to have a drink b4 they twirled(not recomended due to saftey issues) but they would all ways have a can handy... the 375ml cans dont work to well unless u got the 2" wicks... which u dont do it dont matter....

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Posted:Old milo tins are good to use but most of the time, just for a quick burn it is best to use a 375ml can.

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