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Posted:Been twirling with the revised innercore staves from Concentrate, and know that alot of you must be curious about it.
Here is one Melbournian's review:

How is it different?
The locking mechanism in the handle and end pieces. The end peices are completely sealed. The connections are flush. New handle texture. They've totally improved what already was the best staff, IMHO.

What difference does it make?
Just a twist. Now it takes less than 1 revolution to secure the ends peices in; the older innercores used to take a few turns. This allows you to some extent twirl indian club style tricks then connect the pieces to form a staff, without pausing too much in the connection. A minor trick I do, but not very possible at all with most other staves.No difference in the feel of the locking meachnism - it's solid join with zilch rattle. I hurt my chest trying to detach without unlocking!Now that they've eliminated of exposed threading, I no longer have to keep such a thing clean when twirling around fine grains (eg. beach sand, forest soil..)The handle is now completely flush with the end pieces. This means falloutboy's fingers will lurve it! No more rubber ring or etched metal flanking the handle, just one yummy continuous flush surface.The surface of the handle now has a grippier texture, as opposed to the largely slick surface of it's forbear.the sticker has moved!! whoa! it's still black!The internals of the end pieces are now double sealed. Previously the ends were only welded, leaving some fuel to enter, subsequently igniting where it shouldn't. The revised staff has an inner sealing as well (part of the locking mechanism)The seal on the mechanism makes the cuuutest PLONK! noise (like when your thumb is pulled out of a bottle) when you detach the end pieces! The original Innercore was screw in, making assembly sniper-like.
For those of you who have the original innercore staff, the weighting is still as good!! Besides the fact that it's breakdown (I just love not needing to conspicuously lug sticks around festivals when i am... tired and emotional ) my favourite aspect of any innercores is the weighting!
There is so much inertia! between the light non-metal handle and the heavier metal and wick end pieces, there is noticeably greater inertia when when you perform inertia dependent moves like palming and throws. It's the first thing most people say when they try mine. If you can, lend a mates one for a twirl and you'll get this feeling!

some people are picky about handles, that they get in the way if they're not completely flat. (I believe it makes no difference, as the cleanest fire trails come from grasping in the centre of the stick) I have absolutely no probs palming with this handle (if anything it's easier - the inertia makes it easier to palm)
not everybody likes the weight of metal. These stix use aluminium tubing, which gives it a rather nice weighting, IMHO. The transmission of the aluminium's heat to the hand isn't an issue, as I've never been scalded by it's touch, plus the handle is non-metal.

Remember, these thing last and last! my original innercore is still is ace condition! it's outlasted all my firetoys (I did have to rewick it once)

wuv 'em to pieces, i do!
further stuff to add to this thread soon! b4 then, ask whatever you want!

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looks like I may be getting a pair of staffs from concentrate. I will get them with extra weighted ends and extra grip as I want them for contact as well and they have always seemed to be lacking in length of grip and weigh from what I've experienced.

Just wondred if anyone has advice on buying them, anyone ever used some with extra weight or grip?



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