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Posted:While searching for more baton vhs vids (of competitions this time), I actually stumbled on a couple of online vids. Not that great quality and a bit too many tutus and cartwheels for my taste, but in that top video there is some really nice rolls being done like really fast in a couple of spots... My modem is slow so I didn't get a chance to check the rest of them yet:

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Posted:I have a copy of them courtesy of my darling Mr Bender and they ROCK.... bec, moonpixie, knoxious ,dimitri and I have been drewling watching them a few weeks ago... very inspiring contact stuff indeed

you might want to check the contact staff videos posted by Glass and PK and mineiro in another thread, I am sure you will enjoy as well, Shawn

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Posted:Rozi and i got a copy and im still going nut's over glasses contact work .

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Posted:these vids have been linked before...

thanks for refinding them tho