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Posted:Has anyone seen any of these videos (or the couple of dvds)?
Basically geared toward batons, but also stuff for flags (flags with handles), etc.

The thing that sounded the most interesting to me (especially with that is on the board lately) is the four (four!) videos about rolls. It sounds like the first one introduces shoulder rolls at the end and then the other three videos are all harder stuff. They are like $50 each though, priced for coaches I think, so I don't want to try that sight-unseen..heh...

The two How to Twirl Baton DVDs sound interesting as well...

So, if someone is desperate for new moves, maybe one of these is worth a shot? Also, this page seemed to have the longest list of videos, but I think most of these are made by other people, so don't know if those have their own store fronts. Doubt it'd be much cheaper though...

Anyway, hope someone finds this stuff useful. If you do give something a shot, be sure to tell the rest of us how they are...


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