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Posted:First off I got my art of staff video this morning, I thought it'd be a wise move after getting my staff about a month ago and progressed thus far to the point where I pick it up from the corner of the living room everynow and then, wave it about the place, knock things over then put it back.

Anyway great film, well produced, recomend it to beginners etc (much easier to learn the basics from than gif animations), but at the end of the film after the previews of other videos I went outside to play with the fat cathedral head poi I also ordered and left the video running.

When I came back I could hear a light mummering in the background, so I went to check it out. Couldn't find anyone else in the house and after working out it had a slight nz accent turned up the volume on the TV. At the end of the video after its all gone fuzzy there is what appears to be the soundtrack of a world war documentary, something about dead japanese bodies, with a wailing sound in the background. Very dodgy

This post is really just to see if anyone else has purchased the video and found the same, or if I should book an emergency appointment with the doctor! I'll make an mp3 if you all think i'm mad!


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Posted:Hmmmm, sounds strange. Will have a listen tonight. I'll keep ya posted!

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Posted:Just listened to my own copy and yes you are correct. Seems to be some sound from a Japanese war documentary near the end of the tape.
I have rung the duplication plant and they are looking into it.

Glad you liked the rest of the tape

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Posted:Darn Darn Darn Darn!!!!

They have figured out my plot to turn everyone into a marshmallow fish subliminal messages with kiwi accents, talking about the war... Yes thats it!

It was a great plan, and I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids!!!!

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Posted:Rats right raggy!!



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Posted:you aint taking me charles i tell you i will stand my ground


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