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I just bought a 1.244M (4 foot 1 inch) piece of stainless steel tubeing. It's diameter is 2.54CM (1 inch) the thickness of the metal is 1.7 CM (0.7 inches)thick and weighs ~1.1KG (~2 1/2 pounds) without wicks which will be added latter)

Im a complete newbie to staff but I like heavier staff and seem to be able to do smoother looking things with one. I think this is heavier the most staff's but the sturdy stainless steel it's made out of should make it tougher then I will ever need it to be.

Just wondering what the measurements of your staff's are

PS-sorry if a thread like this already exists, I tried to find one and couln't find anything

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My demensions are five foot by 3/4 inch dia. plus an eye bolt and the wicks, which all works out to be about six feet (or a little over two meters for you of the metric persuasion). It is made of a steel/aluminum alloy, quite heavy as staffs go. I prefered my old lighter copper one, but I've been too lazy to build another one.

But let me be the first to go on the old rant of the demensions and the weight of the staff are not important. It is a question of personal comfort. Some people use three foot (1 meter) staffs, four and a half. Personally I prefer six foot staffs for fire, as that is the length I have used most over all the years I was in martial arts. I like a lighter staff for sheer speed but heavier staffs are better for smoother slower routines.

But for you anything you like is best. I am always amazed at questions like this because it matters no more than what you are comfrtable with (or would like to be comforable with).



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No you are misunderstanding the intent of this thread. I just want to know what dimensions you have and what you are comfortable with. I posted what I have and what I am comfortable with

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My favorite staff is 4 feet long 122 cm. Like the Puppy, my background in Japanese martial arts taught me the six foot bo, which I always felt was too long for my height. I'm short 5'7" 170 cm, But that was what I was used to, so I made my first fire staff that dimension. As I developed, I started using shorter and shorter staffs (like Puppy).
I think the key thing is what moves you are trying to pull off. The fire should safely clear your body. As a measurement, I like to hold the staff in the middle and see if it clears my chest in a "weedwacker" move. I use this a lot in transitions and in floor moves. I also have a "Darth Maul" staff the same length and a back-up staff that is slightly shorter and heavier.

And thanks for that eyebolt idea, oh sick one, it solved the problem I was having making a fire hula hoop.


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Im thinking about building a really light 1/2 inch diameter staff out of aluminum pipe. Im going fill the core with a dowel for strength. It's also going to be maybe a little longer be aslong as I can spin it without it hitting the ground. Im not worried about it hitting me, because I don't plan on doing any of those moves with the longer 1/2 staff

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I just ordered a 57 inch alum. staff with 4 inch wicks. Since I'm about 6'4", I figure the length should be fine.


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When making custom staffs for peeps I take the size from the body of the person and thier preferance, any where between chest and chin height is a versatile length, and I find eyeheight to be about as long as you want for under the arm 'wheedwhacker' moves. Having said that I do like long 6' staffs but my usual staff is 5'.

oh and (point)


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MY favorite is about five feet long and 1/2 inch diameter with double fire heads on each side and a wraped leather hand grip (makes it about 3/4" dia.) that covers about 1/3 of the length of the staff. It is made of steel galvanized electrical conduit. it is a little too flexible though, as I need to straiten it every now and then. but it is great for contact work

But, I realy like Jedi White's gold innercore (malcolm sells them), it rocks! I thought the handle would suck, so i didn't get one, but now I sort of wish I had, because it is so smooth and the right weight and length. and the handle actually keeps you on target, yet doesn't interfer with contact work.

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Yeah, i use a 6 foot, solid wood with aluminum sheath the last 10 inches each end, it kicks ass!! i also have a 4 footer, but its to small, i'm really tall and i like a lot of stick it the middle to work with cause i use all of the staff. i like thew shear power and speed i can build up with its long lever action and weight.
heavy staffs are cool. but i also practices with a 5 foot aluminum tube like curtan rod type!! its really smooth and flow nicely,

It's all good

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