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how much more do beaming poi weigh compaired to a 6inch glowstick

Its all in good, clean, light producing fun.

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after carefully weighing both poi sets, the consensus is that beaming poi are approximately "a lot" more heavy than glowsticks. i've found that beaming poi are by far the heaviest and most dangerous of all the poi i spin. yes, that includes fire poi. i've been hit with fire poi and beaming poi, and the beaming poi cause far more damage, since they're so hard. the heavier weight also means a slower spin speed, which makes things interesting(not necessarily better or worse, in my opinion). in order to practice with heavier poi i've begun adding small weights(washers) onto my practice poi so im used to the weight before i start spinning the beaming ones, which seem like they're practically a weapon. so the moral of the story: DO NOT PRACTICE WITH BEAMING POI!!!!! once you feel VERY comfortable with your moves AND the added weight, THEN start playing with them. thats my 2 cents. happy swinging.-a bruised, battered, beaming poi swinger, Heph

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i totally agree with Hephaestos - i am used to swinging tennis balls for practise and 2 6inch glowstix on each chain and when i tried beaming poi i could hardly do any moves and i shitted my pants - they are definitely quite dangerous if you are not used to the extra weight - without too much thought i'd say they weigh at least 7000-8000 (this is more like it!) times a normal glowstick but then again my estimate could be wrong - the moral is: they ARE heavy!!!happy swinging,Simos[This message has been edited by Simos (edited 23 January 2001).]

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It's funny this should come up, because I've been playing with different weights for my practice wicks.My usual practice wicks are towel bundles weighing about 4 oz (100 g) each when dry, maybe a smidge less. For fun, I made some wicks out of 2 oz fishing sinkers wrapped in foam--they were about 3 oz by the time I was done with them. I discovered A) these go *really* fast, and B) these *really* hurt when I bean myself. So back to the towel wicks. Just today I started wetting my towel wicks before practicing. This doubles their weight, and boy are my arms tired now!One interesting thing I discovered using those sinker "wicks" (could anything be less wick-like?) is that aerodynamics clearly plays a big role in twirling effort, since the weight difference was not so great between the sinkers and the towel wicks, but I could get the sinkers up to speed by barely shrugging my shoulders. I guess this isn't much of a surprise, since if you work out the linear speed the wicks are travelling, it is anywhere from 25 to 60 mph (40-100 kmh), depending on your twirling RPM and chain length.To get back to the original question--glowsticks weigh a fraction of an ounce. Beaming poi weight about 8 oz (200 g). You can really brain yourself with 'em. My towel wicks when wet can give me a good clout on the head, and shoot, that's just terrycloth, not urethane.------------------Adam Rice :: www.fire-gear.com[This message has been edited by adamrice (edited 22 January 2001).]

Laugh while you can, monkey-boy

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The weight of the monkey fist chain link poi says that the weight is 440g. Is this weight for the ball only, the ball and chain, or both balls ect. ect....????

PLease help

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I've used them and they felt around 200-300g end weight, I've used up to 560g and that is intense to spin, monkey fist even when fuel is added is no where near that in end weight so it must be chain inclusive and probably very balanced.

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