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Posted:quote: in both directions, forward and back, you can add an extra half turn on both sides of the body, for example with forwards figure eight done at the side of the body you can lay it over the wrist going from fron to back or rotate the shoulder from back to front, doing both gives you 2 revolutions on each side. backwards is simalar but the shoulder moves on front to back and the forarm on back to front.

hope this makes sence, i think this is what charles calls a double figure 8.
no doesn't quite make sense. i'm not so good with words sometimes. u do 720 degrees both in front and in back of you fwd an rev?

is that even what ur saying?

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Posted:Im shure you can relate.


This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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Posted:Kyrian, how about buying Bec and Elke's book from the site here? They've got cool drawing as well as words...

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