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Posted:where to start...?

horizontal i think

both staffs anticl.,
left hand does waistwrap(let go btb at right hip, catch in front(same hand) at left hip
right hand does waistwrap(let go in front at right hip, catch btb(same hand) at left hip

do on after the other(ie, start on wrap as you catch the other....) and drool in satisfaction..

a few more to follow if due respect is shown

but seriously tho, need more of these!!!!!!

("signature" move eventually if you all behave... ithink nix has seen the basic version, but hehehehehe )


brain replacement...anyone?

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Posted:humm yes, Ive been thinging about that 'basic version' you showed me, got somewhat smooth round the neck, cross the back and underarm across back wraps but I think you better take it from there rob.

do you raise a knee for waistwraps? I tried this and found it complicated and comical.



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Posted:no not that one....but nice nonetheless.

got to do with simultaneous arm wraps into reverse neck wraps and headspins, bodywraps etc.... but not now.
waistwraps with leg....? yep sometimes, there is a beautiful doubles on with that i will post in a day or two.... maybe sooner if getting more compos mentis soon...


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Posted:Don't forget simultaneous wraps at different levels, I've been working on these since I realised I don't have any of them in a previous thread.

1. Try for a neck wrap and a waist wrap at the same time, seems to be easier to learn when the neckwrap starts first and if they go in opposite directions.

2. Continous handwraps on either side.

3. Handwrap in right hand, throw from back of hand, pass other staff to right hand, handwrap in right hand throw from back of hand etc etc etc.

If you guys aren't doing these, then hopefully they help...

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Posted:my double wrap cup does runneth over!
here's a technical combo ima comfy enough to rely on to perform with:

double shin wrap (horizontal, front to behind) to
double calf wrap (vertical, bottom to top) to
double waist wrap (horiz., behind to front) to
double knee wrap (horiz., front to behind) to
double torso wrap (horiz., mid torso level, behind to front) to
double palm in a shaolin 'eagle' stance (with hands in a open palm and not as 'eagle fist') to
double neck wrap (vertical, top to botom) to
butterfly, (vertical, reverse, 1/2 beat) to
behind the bum butterfly, (vertical, fwd )

it sounds like overkill on paper, but when it's done ultra smooth and lightning quick, it makes unique trails of light (not separate circles of light but a twisting of fire closely to the body), and won't make contact with burning wick, igniting ya clothes like poi wraps do. I do this move when others ask why i like doubles more than not doubles.

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