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Posted:Well, there is a good side. The good side being i discovered that a three beat weave with dbls is not too terribly hard. needs some smoothing out, but still, not bad. So then i though, oh, well, why don't i learn the reverse weave too??


There's two directions to do the figure 8!!! agh! it just never occured to me I'm such a dork. I never seem to remember the other direction when it comes to staff.

oh well. just had to share.

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Posted:Well thanks for letting me know that you're such a dork

Yeah, when you crack the reverse weave and figure 8 it opens up hundreds of turning moves.

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Posted:dont worry i made the same mistake



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Posted:Kyrian, the best twirlers are amidextrous (I think I spelt that right). If you master back and forth on both hands with all the moves, your staff will never have to stop again....until you poop out. That way it doesn't matter which way you end up facing either (back or front) because you'll still be able to do any move, any arm, any way, etc. Keep up the good practicing.


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