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Posted:hey all... vertigo, angel and I were playing around last night and were working on various tricks for lighting staff.... we got it to trickle the flame through the core a few times and light the other end. Btw I twirl a 5.5 ft piece of EMT with wicks on the end.At one point i was holding it lit wick up and it was kinda blowing fire out that end and i started kinda just rocking it back and forth, then i took it horizontally and brought it back a few feet really fast (imagine a straw on a horizontal string, and flicking it so it travels down the string) This was kewl because the fire literally transfered, the unlit one lit and the lit one went out. heheheh
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umm yeah basically it was just a bunch of stuph we pulled off on accident and were unable to consistantly replicate (i couldn't replicate the transfer at all)if anyone has any suggestions on how to use one end to light the other consistantly etc that would be kewl.hmm i'm outwulff


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Posted:heh, with doubles i thought up thiscool thing that involves lighting two ends coming out from the pinkie end of your hand with em kinda crossed under your arms(the lit ends will be in front of you), andthen rotating em out and around so theyre now resting along the lengths of your forearms, and the the lit ends are now touching the opposite un-lit ends, i cant really explain it in detail, but if you mess around with it, you should be able to duplicate it, the staffs almost follow the paths on their own...eh, whatever...

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Posted:using a 5'5" alum staff we found that blowing hard down the center of the tube from the lit end will light the unlit end consistantly. hope this helps.

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