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Posted:Hey all, I hope you understand my question...I've found one Transition that is basically from doing same direction figure eights in front of your body (alternating between inside and outside of arms, so that both staves are in at the same time) its pretty easy to turn that into a doubles butterfly and from there go into the alternate stuff...does anyone have any other smooth ways of doing it?Josh

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Posted:Hi Josh, I was playing with some transition stuff last night, and while I'm not sure if this is what you are after, its an interesting area, and I will see what I come up with over the weekend. So here it goes for now:Same direction doubles. Do full circles (arms stretched) at the front to the left (or right). Start to rest the staffs on your shoulders, then get a spin behind the back. Then, gradually, get one of the staffs to lead a bit, and you should end up with an alternating type movement(maybe).With clubs when you do, reels for example (and these moves don't necessarily transfer to doubles) you do two circles with say the right hand to bring it back from an alternative movement to a same time movement. Cheers
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Posted:when doing forward (thumb first) butteflies if you just spin one behind you back for two fingers then when it rejoins you got alternate buttflies.I have no idea going backwards, I was going to ask you that.Love?

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Posted:I have a fairly neat little trick for changing the rotational direction of a stave. Lets say I am spinning my staves, doing in phase figure 8s in both hands and that both are spinning anticlockwise. Then when the stave in my right hand is in front of me and is moving downwards, I raise my right foot so that the wick bounces off the left side of my right shoe, hence changing rotational direction. This gives a good fluid change without and apparent stop as the stave changes from anticlockwise to clockwise, and a nice "thump" noise as an added bonus. Of coarse this trick can be generalised to go from staves spinning in opposite to same direction and you could use any foot and do it from behind etc etc. Could be taken to extremes with lots of changes.



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Posted:Josh, When you begin are you going forweds? Trasitions for double sticks are made really easy by using the backward moves. This is how i do it, hope you can understand!! Start with the position you mentioned and pull out of it with both sticks goin' backwards. Also changing from forweds to backwards continualy is really smooth- scoop down with your thumb (both sticks going forwed) , turn your body and scoop up with your pinky finger leading. If you turn your body the whole time too keep up with the sticks it ends up that your wrists can b the only part of your arm moving.When thats mastered you can do combos of backwards and forweds and it's really smooth when turning into alternates. Stone, i find that letting one staff lead and following with the other works well in a transition from double to alternates.Also you can bring one in front while the other is still behind (both goin forweds or one backwards and one forweds) and when you bring the back one to the front bring it back in an alternate time. Arghghghgh... it's so nuts trying to explain moves in words!!
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